Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Passing On a Problem

I might be doing just that to my daughters.

See, I'm a bit of a rearranger. It's kind of an addiction. It's a complete mystery to me how I lived with our bedroom in the same arrangement for nearly 2 years. I guess I thought there wasn't any other way things would fit. But I am oh so happy I found a way.

In college, my high school friend and I decided to have bunk beds in our dorm so we could have more floor space to live in. We found some used ones and hauled them up to college with us. Well, they were rotten and when my dad and S tried to screw them together they splintered into pieces. SO, my sweet parents went out and bought new beds that week. They were really solid, dark wood, varnished to a shine bunk beds with a shelf in the headboard. Perfect.

My eventual roommate for the rest of college (3 years) and I bunked and unbunked those beds tons of times. I really can't tell you how many times...10? 20? A lot! We couldn't do it ourselves either so we would call Mike (her eventual husband) and he would just shake his head at us. "Didn't we just bunk these last month?" Shut-up and move the bed muscle man! :)

My daughters now sleep in those same bunk beds (now painted). I really love it when I haul myself onto the top bunk to put a clean fitted sheet on the bed and Sweetheart says, "Mommy, be careful! You're going to break my bed!" "I slept in these beds all through college!" I tell her. How I used to haul myself up there I don't know.

So, in July we put the girls in the same room because they wanted bunk beds again. This weekend, we will be moving them back to their own rooms. We just rearranged their shared room last month. We do this all. the. time. And guess what? We love it. They love to rearrange as much as I do. Little Bit is especially fond of it. If she comes in the living room while I'm shoving the couch across the floor, she'll drop whatever she has in her hand and yell, "MOMMY! WE'RE RANGIN'?" She begs me to "range" things all the time. She would rearrange the bathroom if she could figure out a way.

And it's a good thing to do. Because when you move the bed, sometimes you see this. Even if it's only been a few months.
And since we got rid of cable, I'm thinking about what I can do to the living room now that we don't HAVE to have the TV on a certain wall. Hmmm.
Passing the insanity down to the next room at a time!



    Seriously, I drive my husband crazy but my daughter loves doing it. My favorite rooms to rearrange are the living room and bedroom, although our bedroom is so small there are only a couple of feasible possibilities!

    I've totally switched entire rooms around (toyroom to office, office to workout room, back to toyroom) more times than I can count.

    Oh! I also sort of rearrange the bathroom by using accessories, shower curtains, and various sideboard cabinets and tables! Fun!

    It's a sickness.

  2. Oh Missy, US TOO! It got so bad that, after we've been in this house for 2 years, we still don't know what to call the front room.

    Mom, where's the tape?

    Look in the office...classroom...toy room...TV room...OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE it's in the homeschool room!

    Glad you understand! :)

  3. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum. I think I may have rearranged each room in our house...oh...once since we moved in four years ago. And most of those changes were to accommodate a new baby. Of course, if the way a room is set up bothers me, I can't rest until I've changed it. I guess the way I first arrange a room just usually seems "right" to me. Maybe I should try adding some freshness to our house and try out some new arrangements!

  4. Oh, what fun!! Dh is allergic to rearranging furniture. In fact, the two arguments we had over the past six months were about: sex and me rearranging a few things in the living room. Lol.

  5. That's funny. Our front room (which is supposed to be the living room/dining room but is really the school room)is called just that. The front room. :)

    And, I don't rearrange because I have tried and I always go back to the way it was. It's too much work to move all that furniture back and forth.

  6. That is what makes parenting so much fun - getting the opportunity to pass down our craziness!

    I would LOVE for you to either videotape or audiotape (is that a word?) them - I can only imagine what their little voices sound like!!!

  7. I have this sickness too! My poor husband says he can never find anything because I'm always switching where it goes. Poor guy.

    I switch my kids rooms around and move furniture on a monthly basis. My sons think I'm crazy, my daughters thinks I am fabulous.

  8. Julie, that reminded me of my aunt. She had a poodle when I was younger and he went blind. She couldn't move furniture for YEARS until that dog died b/c he would bump into everything. It was torture for her!

    I guess it runs in families. :)

  9. Rachel, we need to MIRL girl!


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