Monday, October 27, 2008

Homeschool Update

I am beginning to be blissfully unaware of the public school calendar. Last year I thought my body was just hard-wired to that schedule, as I had followed it for 11 years as a teacher....well, and 12 years before that when I was the student. But this year I can honestly say I have no idea how many days we've been in school. I have no plans for how many days we will take off during the holidays. We just keep going day after day.

Sweetheart is learning about horses lately. It's amazing to me to watch the transformation in her attitude when we are doing something she is very interested in. She'll learn more from this unit than I ever plan for her to, simply because she wants to. It's nice when school doesn't feel like pulling teeth.

We've set the math curriculum aside and we are using Math in a Flash* to memorize her math facts before we go on. My friend Carrie loaned it to us and I am loving it! I've tried just about everything to get her to memorize the facts and this is finally doing the trick.

*While searching for a link for this I discovered there are several others products called Math in a Flash. The one I am referring to has undergone a name change apparently. The website, which is here, now calls it Math N More Flash Facts. Here is the page.

After I feel she has a better handle on her math facts we will pick back up in the math book. It no longer stresses me out that we won't "finish" by the end of May. I don't even really plan to quit school for the summer at all. (But I do plan to slow down!)

Little Bit continues to amuse me with her school strike. I have discovered that I can get her to do anything as long as it doesn't take place at the school table. It's psychological. And very odd to me because there was NO stress involved with school for her. Except my stress at not being able to find enough stuff for her to do! She's going to talk herself into wanting to learn to read one of these days. She vacillates between believing she's actually read a book, to asking me, "did I really read the real words?" (Sweetheart informed her one day she was not "really reading" and it planted a seed of doubt in her mind!) But every single time we sit down to read I notice her learning something new. She is so interested in reading--and doing everything by herself! I would rather have that than a kid who wants to sit and complete work at the table any day.

Well, it's late and this is the most boring and rambly post ever. Even the title bores me! God bless you if you made it this far. Good night!


  1. Actually I was pretty interested reading this post. My son seems to "lose" math facts on occasion. It's like they hide in his brain and don't want to come out sometimes. The math program you were referring to sounds like something I may look into. Thanks.

  2. We need to work on math facts too. My girls do the work well, but when I ask them a math problem (simple addition) it takes them a minute to work it out in their minds.

    We may need a math game day. :0)

  3. About freedom from the "regular" school year calendar: I think that is the thing I am most looking forward to (my big girls will be graduating just as we really get started homeschooling). I have often wondered however, after being so "hard-wired" as you say, if I will be able to free myself from feeling like I have to do it that way. You have proven that deprogramming is possible.

    I love the way Little Bit is learning so naturally. Great post, Brenda. Not boring at all.

  4. Julie you know where it hit us? She could work the simple facts out quickly in her mind and knew some of them too and that was working fine through 2nd grade BUT this year it made us slow WAY down as the problems got harder. When we got to 4 digit by 4 digit addition and subtraction it was just laborious to get through becuase she was having to WORK the problem. I decided life would be easier if she had them memorized and I think it's worth the break--we'll see.

  5. awesome about the Math thing, I am so glad it is working for you!

    I dont think your post is boring, I need to do an update soon too! my week in review thing just doesnt always happen!

    matt amazes me, yesterday Kate said what is 79x4, bet you cant do that! He did it in his head! and he had the right answer and Kate didnt. But when he explains how he does it there is some really weird math? like he would add it up weirdly but her usually always gets the right answer!!! I cant move him up in math because he cant do stuff on paper as well!!! I struggle!

  6. I really wish I had homeschooled my children. I have a 15 year old girl and I keep threatening home school to her ( she just started the 9th grade)
    Our personalities clash so bad tho I wonder if I could keep from strangling her? LOL
    Also I wouldn't know where to start or what homeschool program to use. Any advise?
    ♥ Glenda

  7. Not boring at all. It sounds like you've found your stride & figured out what is working best for you & your family. That's always fun & exciting. ;-)

  8. Because we start in June, the regular school calendar completely passes our notice as well. In fact, I just went to a 4 day school week with Fridays reserved for special projects, field trips or if a child needs intensive tutoring/corrections in a subject. Diligence for 4 days gives them the reward of Free-day.

  9. How nice it must be to dictate your own schedule. I am envious!

  10. Sounds good Brenda. You'll have to let us know how it turns out. I will also get on the ball with memorization. One of the girls takes FOREVER to finish her worksheets and makes her sister crazy because she's waiting so long. We need to change something. :0)

  11. I am loving not having to follow the calander!!!!!


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