Monday, October 20, 2008


That's what I am today. We had a fun weekend, but not a normal one. S took me to a golf tournament yesterday (without the kids). That was fun--but it meant we didn't get the house picked up like we should have. I also didn't get to the grocery store on Saturday like I should have. Well, let me re-phrase that...I went to the grocery store, but without a proper list. So...not so much to eat around here.

Sigh. Which means I'll be picking up fast food for lunch today. Which is money we don't need to spend. Wait, there's more.

The bug man was coming today at noon. The house wasn't picked up. Now, I'm not one to make sure the house is spotless--but people, he has to be able to spray! So we got up this morning and started cleaning. It took about 1 1/2-2 hours before everyone (slow Sweetheart included) was done with their rooms, etc. Then we started school and guess what? Little Bit decided to come to Pre-K today! That delayed Sweetheart's starting and then she wanted to watch a video with Little Bit. I explained that meant she was making a decision to do school in the afternoon. (Fine with me--the whole day is crazy anyway) She said she understood but I suspect there will still be great wailing and gnashing of teeth this afternoon.

I feel very off-schedule today and furthermore, very un-organized. Even for me! And I'm not really a strict schedule person either. Oh are not panning out like I wanted.

OK, the bug man is through so now I can get busy...gotta get back on track around here before I go crazy! Hope you are having a great Monday everyone!


  1. Mondays...I can so relate to that...! Hope Tuesday is better!

  2. It's not looking good Luanne! Little Bit woke up with fever in the night and I've been at the clinic all morning!

    Still off schedule,


  3. Cute! I am a graduate of Abilene Christian University and have lived in Texas four times! Now in South Dakota.


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