Sunday, October 5, 2008

We're On!

Boy am I excited about this next Friday!!! We have so many people joining us on our fitness journey next week! (Karly, have you read the comments?) To think it all started with an e-mail conversation about my ugly thoughts. :)

SOOOOOOOOOO, if you are joining in with us this week, I wanted to tell you a few things. First of all, we will be sharing our goals for the week. You can change your goals every week if you want. Just tell us what they are/were and how you did. Last week we finished this sentence: I can't wait until... So you can throw that in your post too if you want.

Now, this week's topic (in addition to anything else you want to say!) will be:

What are you doing differently at mealtimes?

Yep. That's it. You have to be doing something differently than you were or differently than your family is doing it. Let's all share our little tips and strategies with each other, OK?

Now the happy news! Julie at My Life As JulieMom (who is so awesome) voluntarily made us a Fitness Friday button! Yeah Julie! The code will be up this week Here is the code so you can put it in your sidebar to proudly let the world know you are participating in Fitness Friday!

<a href="">
<img width="210" src="" height="200"/></a>

You can also use the picture of the button in your posts on Fridays. Just to be pretty. Thanks Julie--you really do rock! You know, she's doubly awesome because she's adjusting her "Foodie Fridays" to fit in with our Fitness Fridays. So check her out for yummy healthy recipes on Fridays!

Now, just in case you need it, here is some information on Mr. Linky. If you don't need it, you can stop reading now.

To sign up on the Mr. Linky, you need to link to your Fitness Friday post, not just your blog. To do this on a lot of blogs, you simply write your post, then publish it, then view your blog with your new shiny post up. Then, click on the title of the post and you should notice in the address bar of your computer it will say something like, instead of just

Those aren't real links, by the way. :) If your blog won't do this by clicking on the title, then try clicking on the time stamp at the end of your post. Find it--it's somewhere there. It's called a permalink. Copy and paste that new long address line in my Mr. Linky after typing your name in the first box! Sound clear? If not, shoot me an e-mail. I did my first Mr. Linky wrong too! THAT way, people will be able to find your Fitness Friday post immediately no matter how many weeks it's been since you posted it and they won't have to search your archives.

Ladies, you will never know how much encouragement this is to me! Thanks for joining in. See you Friday!


  1. My ticker moved this morning!!! And it's thanks in no small part to you. Fitness Fridays was just the push I needed.

  2. I cant find the code???

    And I think you and everyone else is doing awesome! So on Friday we post about what are we doing differently at mealtimes?

  3. OK Carrie--you caught me in the middle of trying to figure that one out! It's up now.

    Yes, we'll post about what we are doing differently at mealtimes. So think, think, think!

  4. Woo-hoo! I have the button up! Way to go Julie!

    And, I can't wait until Friday!

  5. Ok, I'm getting in on this for real- thanks for the encouragement!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)