Friday, October 24, 2008

Fitness Friday: The Exercise Edition

This week's question was...If money, time, babysitting, etc. were not issues, what type of exercise would you participate in? Or something to that effect.

Well, I can tell you right now what I would do! I would join Curves. First of all, it's only for women and that is a plus for me when you are talking about 1. wearing work-out clothes and 2. moving the way exercise requires, I would rather not have a bunch of men around. NOT that they would be looking at me, but still.

And here is where I will pause to tell you a story from college. I come from a fairly hairy family. My sister and I couldn't WAIT until the day we were allowed to shave our legs because we needed to very badly. As genetics would have it, we also tend toward hairy feet and toes which is not a very lovely thing for a woman. We call them Hobbit Feet and they are not good. So, I don't know if anyone else on the face of North America has to do this (except my sister and I), but we must also every now and then shave our feet and toes.

I have now shared more than I ever expected to in the blogging world. I'm sorry. college roommate's family made my family look like those Mexican Hairless dogs. When her older brothers were in boot camp they had to shave twice a day because they got 4:00 shadows at 2:00. She understood the Hobbit Feet thing, needless to say. So one day roommate and I are getting dressed to go work out at the campus gym. As I was pulling on my socks and shoes I mumbled out loud how I really should have shaved my feet that day but oh well, who's going to see them? Then we joked about how I would probably drop a weight on my foot and some cute guy would come over to see if I was OK and I'd be forced to yell, "YES! YES I'M FINE! NO YOU MAY NOT LOOK AT IT--REALLY...IT'S FINE!" rather than let him examine my hairy, shameless foot.

Well, in the free weight area, I was doing curls or whatever I thought you should do over there and right beside me some guy dropped a 10 or 20 pound weight and it landed right beside my foot. Missed it by inches. Of course, my first reaction was to look for my roommate and when our eyes met that was it. It was that messy kind of laughter that makes you have to run from the room or you'll wet your pants. Lesson learned.

See? Working out without men in the room is a good thing. You knew I had a point, didn't you?

So, back to Curves. You just go through the little circle of exercise machines in time to the music and visit with the other ladies and in 30 minutes you are done! It sounds like a dream except that: no babysitting, LOTS of money. But that's what I would do if I could.

Now, about my week. It wasn't the best one ever. Little Bit got sick and I hadn't been on a proper grocery trip and she didn't feel like going to the store so that meant we ate pizza one night and hot dogs the next. Not the best menu for a mama on a mission. I had a few too many cokes but very little chocolate as we are just out of everything sweet. And here's the amazing part: I AM STILL HERE. I was just sure that life would cease to exist if I didn't have a certain amount of chocolate every day but huh, whad'ya know?

This week I plan to:
1. Go grocery shopping for a proper menu!
2. Continue to cut out sweets as much as possible. (Yes, Carrie. I had a BITE of a Twix bar today. I'm admitting it---since you saw me and all.)
3. Continue drinking tea instead of cokes most of the time.
4. Walk 3 times. I have a story for you later about walking but it will have to wait.

Oh, and husband took me to a golf tournament Sunday and we walked quite a bit there. Guess that counts. Last week it was the zoo. I gotta figure out how to exercise more than once a week!

Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. Thanks for admitting the Twix episode. :0) We didn't do so hot this week food-wise either.

    But we're keeping on! Long term is the key!

    Well, either that or liposuction.

  2. I don't know if you thnk of yourself as a funny person, Brenda, but I have to say, you tell the funniest stories.

  3. Yes, Yes...sweets hit me this week too! Any exercise is better than none and once you get going you will want to do it more!! Keep it up, you are doing great! I think it's awesome that just knowing what is good or bad for you. That can be half the we just need to put our plans in place!

  4. LOL go with water, tastes MUCH better than either soda or tea, and much better for ya too. ;-) (By the way, it's also cheaper haha).

  5. Oh I just can't do it Mrs. W!!! My tea is unsweetened and decaffienated so its really just flavored water. So, it's good.

  6. A mama on a mission! That sounds like the title of a great book!

  7. Loved the feet story. Very funny.

    Sounds like you are hanging in there. I think that is the hardest part..just sticking with it.

    Great job,

  8. I did my very first "Fitness Friday" post! Hope you like it.

  9. It must have been a diet mark- you know we all reached the I NEED SWEETS phase at about the same time!

    Hey you can live with out cokes and is diet coke you cant live without!

  10. Good Morning!
    I've never posted on your Fitness Friday but I do read about it. I have decided to try the Special K Challenge. Just to help my jeans fit a little more comfortable. Special K for breakfast with fruit and coffee. Special K for lunch with fruit or veggie. And my normal dinner. Special K snacks during the day. or as much fresh fruit and veggies as I want. And of course, drink lots of water.
    We'll see how it goes!
    I do walk alot so that will help.

  11. I go to Spectrum. They have a women's only space and reasonably priced nursery care for the kids.

    Sometimes, though, I just exercise to my Pilates for Dummies cd...30 minutes for a well-rounded and worth it workout. It's especially fun when your little ones try to do the moves too (if you can find a big enough space for you all).

  12. Hey, y ou are not alone in your hairyness!

    For me it woule be Jazzercise, I did it for a few years. Now, since my girl's school is right by a nice running trail I enjoy that 4 times a week, or so. Nothing major but it feels good to move.

  13. My plan is to get more exercise. Giving up on chocolate does not interest me in the least. I have discovered Healthy Choice soup that is very good and comes in a 2 serving container that heats in the microwave that makes nice little snacky type meals for me. OK girls lets keep up the good work.

  14. First, I need to shave the top of my feet & my big toe. So you are NOT alone.

    I used to go to a women-only gym, but the one that's closer is a coed. And it doesn't bother me like I thought it would, but that's probably because I'm there at the crack of dawn & there aren't many folks in the place at that hour. But before I rejoined the gym, I was using a Pilates DVD given to me by my sister-in-law. So, what if you visit the library and rent some exercise videos this week? It's free & you already have the necessary equipment!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)