Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Explanation of All the Exhaustion

I just figured it out. I figured out why homeschooling can be so exhausting.

Had I written this post a few hours ago, you would have heard me say that homeschooling is exhausting because I'm tired of the whining. Oh, how Sweetheart can carry on during math time. I tried to video her the other day, but it didn't work out. But, I had her complete one side of her math paper tonight with her dad. And it was very satisfying to hear him tell her all the same things I tell her every day. Very satisfying.

No, the REALLY exhausting part of homeschooling is all the thinking and decision-making we have to do. Let me explain.

It was really easy back when I was following the prescribed path of the world. You graduate, go to college, get married, get a job, have a baby, return to work after your maternity leave, choose the best child-care arrangement for your child, choose a preschool, send them to Kindergarten, manage homework and sports, etc. There isn't much to think about. You do what everyone else is doing.

Oh but it gets harder when you get off that path. I know because I got off a few years ago. And it was hard. It felt like completely uncharted territory (although it certainly wasn't!) I get it now. I get that parents are in charge of their children--not the state, the government, "the man", or the schools. After that stunning realization, you further realize that if you are truly in charge of your children, then you are the final decision-maker on all issues.

We have to decide what curriculum is best and how to implement it. We have to decide what grade level our child would do best working on...what time of day they work better in...what chores they will do each day...what skills they need to develop outside of "school time"...how they are doing in their spiritual development...how their attitudes are holding up...what kind of character traits need working on...what extra-curricular activities they will be involved in...how much running around is too much...how to know we are staying home too much...who their peers will be...what they will be exposed to and when...what to protect them from...

There is just SO MUCH THINKING about things! It's exhausting.

But we must remember where wisdom comes from (God). And we must remember to ask Him to show us the way. And really, that's not a "homeschooling issue." It's a parenting one.


  1. I agree, thinking about all that is exhausting. However, it is also a lot of fun!!

    I have taken to napping in the afternoon, something I gave up years ago when my youngest was no longer an infant. lol.


  2. Amen, Brenda! All the thinking! It is exhausting, as you say.

    The best decision I make over and over is the decision to remember that there are going to be holes, and that homeschooling happiness--for me--comes from being able to say, "good enough is good enough."

  3. I'm out of breath just reading this!

  4. Yes, I KNEW there was a reason I was tired.

    Can I blame my occasional moodiness on all the thinking too?

    Just wondering.

  5. I totally agree with you!! Choosing to home educate your children is an exhausting choice, but hang in there the rewards are beyond anything you can imagine. This is my 17th year home educating my children. My oldest is already grown and married....and I am loving the relationship we built through our years of home schooling. I will have to admit, that all I thought I was doing some days was coming up with 10,000 threats to get him to complete the assignment given, or 10,000 reasons why he should read the assigned book, but in the end I can say that with him (and also my other children) the exhaustion pays off well, with a great relationship and it IS all worth it! Hang in there, and remember You Can Do All Things Through Christ!! :)

  6. Hi Brenda, thanks for checking my blog and leaving some messages. Like you, I sometimes wonder who is actually reading it. Of course I just started mine a couple of weeks ago so It's all new!

    I so feel ya on the dealing with exhaustion post.
    Even though I don't homeschool, sending my kids out the door to public school provides a whole new set of worries each day. I try to cling to God's promises and release my children into His care.
    Have a great day!! God bless you

  7. One reason i like coming over here is to get a glimpse of wat lies ahead as we embark on the homeschool life. And I like that you give it straight: the good, the bad, and the exhausting. Though I'm sure I can't really imagine all I'll feel and encounter when we begin homeschooling, I thnak you for a heads up on some things that I would never have though of otherwise.

    Oh yes, and you were right about my morning schedule. Being driven from the outside sort of forces me to stay on track.

  8. Oh, it was exhausting, but entirely accurate, to read. Lol. There is something to all the brain energy we spend. But I know that when I rely on the Holy Spirit, He conserves my brain energy. He gives me His rest.


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