Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Costume Party

If we had never started "doing Halloween" with our girls, then the costume party probably would have never come to be. But, as a young wife, I thought my husband was silly for his views on Halloween. And what was the harm of that cute little pumpkin outfit and a bit of candy? Besides, we weren't doing "evil Halloween" we were doing "cute and fun Halloween." In my mind, there was difference, OK?

Last year I explained to Sweetheart (Little Bit didn't care--she was scared of Halloween stuff anyway) that I didn't think we should celebrate Halloween anymore. Just look around, Sweetheart. Do you think this stuff makes God happy? Do you think it brings him glory? "No, Mommy!" she agreed. But she did think she could still have a costume. God didn't mind she told me. "Oh? How do you know that?" I asked. "Because he probably thinks we look cute!"

And so last year, sometime in October we had a costume day with the cousins and then we sat Halloween out. In fact, I believe we went to church that night which was a much better use of our time, I'd say. Here are the four little Indians. The theme was chosen by the two big girls and happily played out by the little ones.
They had a big time. This year, for her costume, Sweetheart wanted to dress up as Kit Kittredge. You know, the American Girl. Yes, we've seen the movie. Yes, we've read all 6 books plus some of the small ones. We've also read the Molly series, so that is who Little Bit has chosen to be. My sister had the idea of, instead of an Indian pow wow, to have an American Girl tea party this year. Her girls will be coming as Felicity and Julie.

There will be nameplates on the table, decorated in a fashion appropriate to that character. The dishes used by each girl will match her era. "Julie" will be eating off of some 70's dishes of my moms. "Molly" will be using Fire King Jadite dishes. "Kit" will be dining on depression glass from my sister's collection. "Felicity" will have a fancy china cup and saucer. Each girl will make a craft about their character and there will be portraits made with each girl holding the mini doll of her character.

I am happy to say that so far the costumes have cost me: $4 for Kit and $3 for Molly. My sister had fabric for Felicity's dress and she did have to buy a shirt for Julie, but really 70's fashion is back in style so her daughter will be able to wear it again. And also, through all of this, I learned to sew skirts!!!! I'm so happy!

I'll be sure to post pictures after the big event. It's not until the first weekend of November this year--but maybe I'll show you the costumes as soon as I finish them. Because probably I won't be able to wait.

OK, definitely I won't be able to.


  1. What a great idea!

    Last year my husband decided we would no longer celebrate Halloween. We had a camp out in our living room, and the children really enjoyed it. They are looking forward to it this year and don't miss trick or treating at all. (They were actually scared the years we went.)

    I can't wait to see your costumes!

  2. Very fun idea! My little one isn't even a year old yet, so this isn't really an issue for us. But we've been thinking about it. The problem is, I love dressing in costumes. I host a huge "murder mystery" dinner once a year, with all 30+ guests in costume. So I'm not sure when/if I should give up Halloween parties with out friends...maybe we'll switch to something like this next year when Aurelia's old enough to have fun with it.

  3. my boys were 80's boys and we did trick or treat, but around here no-one trick or treats much any more. mostly we have fall festivals at our churches Our daughter and baby son dress as bible characters, and in order to dress like a particular character they MUST know the story about the particular character they choose. Whitneys favorite so far was Lydia, seller of purple. I had a blast finding purple stuff for her to wear and "sell".

  4. We celebrate October 31 as Reformation Day, the day Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenburg, Germany. The kids and any neighborhood kids they can talk into participating make period costumes and each act out a different part of the beginning of the Reformation. We have snacks, play party games and send everyone home with a treat bag. So far, we've had no requests to drop this tradition in favor of schlepping around the neighborhood in the cold/wind/rain/heat for a few handfuls of candy.

    In other news, it sure was fun to see your comment on my new effort at blogging! Thanks for stopping by.

    Best to you,


  5. I was really pleased to read that you won't be "celebrating" Halloween anymore. The Bible tells us to keep away from anything to do with spirits, spells etc so I never have understood why many Christians do give it any attention.

    I'm always surprised at this time of year to read the many Christian blogs by familes who intend to fully involve themselves in lots of Halloween activities.

    Here in Australia Halloween is just about a non-event though some kids come around after school, never at night, and I tell them this is a Halloween-free house and that we follow Jesus.

  6. That’s really cool..! I am so excited because Halloweenn is just around the corner and right now I started shopping for Halloween costumes.


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