Monday, September 29, 2008

If You Make a New Schedule...

...your children will sleep late and throw the whole thing off on the first day. (Sigh.)

It was a really pretty schedule too. It's color-coded and I hung it on the wall in page protectors. Oh well, we will follow the order, if not the time slots.

I feel it's time for some updates around here. One thing is about this multi-tasking I wrote about earlier. I can't do it anymore. It's now officially driving me insane. Thus, the new schedule where Sweetheart goes to play while I do some Pre-K activities with Little Bit and then they switch places. So, that's update number 1.

Update number 2 is: I was talking to S about some character issues with one of the kiddos and he said, "I read your blog and all, but I really think they would do well in their own rooms." So, we talked about it and all the pros and cons and decided to think about it this week. They may end up in their own rooms because he had some good points about our girls. There will be ground rules and all to go with that, but that's update number 2.

I learned earlier in the year that just because someone writes something on their blog doesn't mean they are still following suit a few months later. I guess we all forget to update.

So, there. Now I am off-schedule, but I am updated!


  1. You're right. I know I've started a few things all gung ho (and posted on many I'm sure), only to find myself switching gears, losing ground, or re-adjusting later on. Oh well, such is humanity.

  2. "It was a really pretty schedule too!"

    You totally crack me up. This is me all over the place... making up pretty schedules them and using them as guides rather than schedules, only eventually they get lost and forgotten. Oh well. We're all good at different things, right?


  3. ALWAYS gets messed up the first day! Glad I'm not alone!:)

  4. You know, I've tried schedules so many times I could write a book on how to make them. But I can't find one time I actually stuck with one. Which makes me wonder about the authors of the books on schedules that have been written. Hmm???

    I found that if I just have a loose idea of things I want to accomplish that day, and I follow the moods and interests of me and my kids, then we get it all done. And more, usually. But that means my expectations must be low. I've learned that over the years--plan for less than you think you can do.

  5. I try to update... I generally feel guilty for not doing what I say I am going to do. But things change here all the time!

  6. Oh girl! I find that our family is an ever changing force. :) Good to hear we aren't the only ones. :)

  7. Schedules were made to be abandoned!!
    At least that seems to be the theme at my house. I try, really I do.

    It's just that the girls have different internal clocks. And their bladders are on timers, remember?


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