Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike Huffed and He Puffed...

It's not too bad. We got home Sunday morning with no traffic problems. I was really concerned everyone would be trying to come back and we would get stuck for hours on the road. Instead, we had roadway trouble. Lots of roads were impassable, either because of water or power lines and we had to do a bit of weaving around town to get home. There was no power most of the way home. That was obvious from all the dark businesses lining the road.

Here is what we found at home:

This is the area of our house formerly known as "fence." We normally like our fences to be vertical.

This is the area of our house formerly known as "gate." Ditto on how we normally like our gates.

This is an area of our house formerly known as "shingles." The neighbor across the street said he watched our shingles flying through the air all night.

Remember our playhouse?


It's really not bad though. We spent the last 2 days cleaning up limbs and shingles and hauling our various house parts out to the curb. We know we are very fortunate.

Our power came back on Sunday afternoon. THAT is incredible! The water was declared fit to drink yesterday and a few stores in our city are open now. There are lines everywhere, for gas, food, ice, etc. Thankfully, we haven't needed anything yet. My parents are still out of town so we told them to go grocery shopping before they return home. They'll be bringing us milk, eggs, bread, etc.

There is still no power in so many places--including my husband's work. Our cell phone bill will be astronomical this month as texting was just about the only way to communicate and we don't have unlimited texting on our plan. (We are so low-tech!) We do have a phone now (thus, the internet...thus, this post) and are feeling very blessed.

Just wanted to share a few pictures with you all. Guess I will get back to regular blogging soon. Most schools around here are closed for the whole rest of this week and so far--our homeschool has been "closed" too. We picked up a lot of things before we left in case of flooding and so there is unlimited junk on our homeschool table. More work to do...

And I don't even want to look at my Google Reader. How will I ever catch up?


  1. Nice of your neighbor to just watch as Ike made off with your shingles. I mean, really.:)

    Seriously, glad you all are well and safe!

  2. I am glad to see that you guys made it home safe and sound and it looks as if you guys fared very well. Ike hit KY on Sunday. We are still out of school as we have had more people out of electric from this than we did in the snow storm of 92 or the tornadoes of 74. Our strongest wind was 75 mph. We are not used to that kind of wind, especially lasting all day long! We usually only see that in a circular motion with a trailer sucked in the middle or an occasional cow or something like that. :-)

  3. Glad you're doing well. We've been where you guys are, horizontal fences, missing shingles and all. Praise God that it wasn't worse. And your power's on already? Sweet!

  4. Oh I know we are very fortunate! Getting power back this fast was incredible.

  5. Thank GOD for minimal damage!!!

    Google Reader...yeah, you might as well just "mark all as read" and go on...

  6. Wow. When Isabel came through here a few years ago, we saw lots of similar sights. I'm glad you guys are okay!

  7. So glad to hear that you are doing ok- wonderful that you are fine and the house is still standing!


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