Sunday, September 7, 2008

Time for a Status Update

Physical: I just got inspired over at this blog. She's losing weight like a crazy person and some of our measurements match so I'm thinking I should join her on this quest. Hmmm. Trying to get really motivated on that one but I'm not sure it's working.

Spiritual: Frustrated with people who have gone to church for a sweet forever and still don't seem to know a whole lot (not mad at them, just frustrated, OK?). Frustrated to sit in class this morning at church and have not one person open their Bible.

Homemaking (homemakingtial?): Hmmm. I got the dishes washed tonight!

Not enough? OK, I washed a lot of clothes this weekend, ironed 5 shirts for my husband's work-week and decluttered that bedroom. I now need to get into the master bedroom closet, which is tiny by the way so it shouldn't take long. Obviously, people had fewer clothes back in 1967. And no need for air in the laundry room, but that's another topic. After the closet, I plan to start the toy room. This will require much prayer, I'm afraid which is why next time I do a status update, you can look for the topic of "toy room" under the heading of "spiritual."

Educational: Sweetheart is liking her 3rd grade curriculum so far, but misses doing "fun stuff." As usual when she says that, I probed further to find out what "fun stuff" she perceives herself to be missing. It turns out, she wants to make a lapbook. Fine. The horse unit study is up at Heart of the Matter--we will begin this week.
Little Bit is working on her Dora lapbook, which I am making up as I go along. This week we are going to twist the topic of 5 senses to be about Dora. Hey, it can be done!

Financial: Husband starts his new/old job tomorrow. We are very thankful and hope he will be so much happier back at his old digs. One thing is for sure, this will force us to get our little financial ducks in a row. Gotta be frugal. Gotta be frugal. Gotta be frugal. (I'm reminding myself.)

Wanna update your status?


  1. Gotta be frugal? You can do it! All the best to the husband as he starts his new/old job.

    As for the weight loss, motivation has never been my problem- it's discipline- particularly in the eating department. My poor little ticker hasn't moved in two weeks!! I'm not going up (thank heaven and excercise) but going down is taking a lot longer than I'd hoped. I think the problem is that I'm a 37 year old mom who has never gotten past the bad eating habits of that 21 year old girl who could get away with eating a massive bagel for breakfast every morning and never gain a pound!

  2. We intro'd senses today. I cut out lots of pics from my Martha Stewart magazine and the kids had to glue them on the sheet for the appropriate sense. They loved it! And you know Martha has some great pics.

  3. Hey! That's a good idea. I don't have any Martha, but I do have lots of magazines!

  4. Oh please join me!!!! :) I will be posting what I am doing very soon on my blog!


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