Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why I Can't Lose Weight

I really need to. I used to be so skinny. I don't even want to be skinny anymore, just thinnER. I would settle for that. My sister was all motivated this summer to lose weight and I should have jumped on board and done it with her but I just couldn't make myself care at that time. But I keep seeing little reminders all around me that I need to...

First, there was Terry. When she started her challenge I just couldn't get the care going that I needed to. Then, there was MamaTeaching2. She went all out and posted her measurements--everything! Her updates are so inspiring and honest. And there's also Lara. (I suspect we will be hearing about her success soon!) You know, actually, GB was first at Restoring the Years. Wow. I've been ignoring these hints for a while now! And there are several other little things I have read or come across lately that keep reminding me: You need to lose weight!

Wanna know one reason why I don't want to? Because when I do, people will tell me "Oh wow. You look great!"

Huh? You don't want compliments, Brenda? Yes. Yes I do. But people gushing about how much better I look will only mean that I looked horrible before and I have tried to convince myself for a few years that "it's not so bad." So that will mean I was wrong. And I do look bad. That's hard to face up to.

And I don't have any idea what I weigh because we don't own a scale. I'm not sure I want to know. I'm very afraid to step onto a scale. I don't really even want to measure myself.

And I'll just go ahead and say it: I'm not doing this for health reasons. I WANT TO LOOK BETTER! There. Vanity revealed.

But they say to start small and have goals so here are my goals this week:

1. Cut out cokes. In Texas everything is "a coke." You know that right? It goes like this:
Host: Would you like something to drink?
Guest: I would love a coke.
Host: Sure, what kind do you want?
Guest: Do you have Dr. Pepper?

2. Cut out bedtime snacking. Folks, I'll eat even when I'm not hungry. That makes no sense. I can go to bed without a snack. At the very least it can be a healthy one.

OK, those are my goals. We'll see how it goes.


  1. My goal is to drink more water. And get more sleep. Those are two things that SO hinder weight loss... well lack of them anyway. And I get so little of both.

    Hey, friend, I am SO in the same boat. I snack when I am not hungry, I have cokes, and my eating is horrific. And while I own a scale, I don't like to step on it. Because I don't want to see that it's so much worse than I am thinking. Then I would be wrong.

    We are SO in the same boat. Oh, I said that already. Maybe we should do a Family Revised Duet??? The Biggest Loser style (Even thought I have never watched the show??) I promise I won't say how good you look. :)

  2. Me too?? I am trying to lose weight, but I can't seem to stay motivated. Someone to encourage me would be great...
    (in case this comes up twice, sorry in advance...)

  3. I'm right there with you. My biggest problems are that I'm far too sedentary and I have a peanut m&m addiction. Seriously. Its sort of like my mood medication. Hard to explain.

    I put a pedometer on the other day and barely cracked 2500 steps! So, its on again today with 5000 being the goal. I also need to add more water, for sure. And maybe--just maybe--step away from the m&m's!

  4. I was in a slump. But thanks to you and Carletta, I'm jumping back on the bandwagon!

    For me this is two-fold. Certainly, I want to look good. Not just for myself, but for the husband, who, by the way, has NEVER complained about how I look. So you can count me among the vain as well.

    Second, I never imagines I'd be 40 years old with a three year old and a five year old, which is exactly what I'll be in 3 years. Up until we had a change of heart Inthought we were done having babies, which meant at 40, my youngest would be 16. Long story short, I need to be healthy and energetic enough to care for these littles, the house, the husband, all of it. Oh yes, and be a homeschool mom too. So failure is not an option. I've got to get cracking!

  5. Oh yeah, did you notice that I learned how to put links in my comments? I think I'm become a tecno wiz, lOL!

  6. I'm still fat. And I'm still concerned about my numbers. And I still love m&ms.

  7. Karly, thank you for understanding. More sleep is good but I get plenty. And I don't drink water but I do drink decaffeinated iced tea and I hold that is the same thing. Just flavored water.

    Annie--read those links. They are encouraging!

    Missy--dont' even get me started on Peanut M&M's. Or chocolate. Or anything else I can find sweet to stuff in my face during the day.

    Terry--I know Carletta--I'll have to go check out her blog. I don't remember anything about weight loss on there. (So, how do you do the links?)

    And GB!!!!! That is NOT encouraging!!!!! :)

  8. Terry--I HAD read Carlett's entry. SEE???? Reminders everywhere!

  9. Brenda, I know! It's like everywhere I click there are divine reminders to stop dawdling over this weight thing and stick with it. I guess that's why I blogged it in the first place-for the accountability.

    To see how to insert the links, check out this tutorial. Hope it helps. I found it pretty simple and I am so not computer savvy.

  10. I have 2 tips I can share that have helped me a lot. The best part is these don't require you to give anything up! First, add one piece of fruit to your diet every day. The natural fiber does wonders. Second, drink a warm beverage with meals - this pushes the fats on through your system, whereas a cold beverage causes fats to coagulate and pass more slowly, allowing your body to absorb more fat. Let me add that I know it can hard to drink something hot with food, especially living in the South (I'm in GA), but once you get used to it (and don't go outside immediately afterward) you'll like how it makes you feel.

  11. Ok, I am on hiatus from weight loss now (I'm expecting), but I will give you a tip I learned from LAWL. Break up your portions throughout the day, especially protein. I ate small amounts of protein 5 times a day. I would usually eat a boiled egg with my fiber cereal and skim milk. Then I would include 2 oz of grilled chicken or tuna or 1.5 oz of light cheese at midmorning snack, lunch, midafternoon snack, and dinner. The protein helps stave off the hunger that usually caused me to snack. The bars didn't hurt either (Slimfast sells a similar bar called optima- it is a high protein, hunger control bar which is about $1 a bar). Hope that helps! I'll be back on the bandwagon in June!


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