Friday, September 26, 2008

Fitness Friday--The Premier

The bloggy world is kind of slow on Fridays so if someone is not interested in my weight loss goals, they needn't be bored to death. That's why I decided Friday would be the best day to document my (presumed) progress.

So, after I wrote yesterday's post, I had a realization of how wrong and ugly my attitude towards my weight really was. I was super honest and shared it with Karly and guess what? She understood! I KNEW there was a reason we were friends!

Karly told me (via e-mail, we have that issue of several states being between us) that she knew she needed to lose weight and be healthier, but she just couldn't care. I was so there just a week ago! I told you all about the little helpful reminders I keep running across. (I also remembered JulieMom has been posting about it too--see how good I am at ignoring it?) Well, I just can't ignore it anymore.

Karly and I will be encouraging and motivating each other and we just wanted to share the love. If you want to join in on Fitness Fridays--just please do so in the comments! We'll Mr. Linky it up later if there is a need...

OK, my friend the tape measure and I got in the bathroom this morning (before breakfast, mind you) and I wrote all my measurements down. I'm not sure I want to share those right now. I feel funny telling the world wide web how big my bust is, OK? I'm sure I'll get over it. And I don't know how much I weigh, but it's a big number. I'm 5'7", so it will always be a bigger number than say, those who are 5'3" but I'm OK with that. I just want a smaller number for ME.

Maybe this weekend I'll buy a scale and share all the numbers with you. For now, I have them written down so I can share how many inches I've lost each Friday. Assuming there will be inches lost.

Stay tuned next Friday for the update! And go check out Karly's post today!

Oh, I almost forgot! My goals this week are:
1. Cut out cokes.
2. Cut out bedtime snacks.
3. Snack healthy during the day.
4. Watch portions (those labels come in handy!)

Exercise? Not sure yet. I'm motivated...not crazy!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. 211. 14 down, 46 to go. And count me in for fitness Fridays. It's time for us to whip these temples into shape.

    We would never even consider dumping trash in a church, but we do it every day with the way we eat, don't we?

  2. I will so be checking in and chatting along with you guys!

    I have always had the plan to share what I am doing at the 20 pound loss mark. I feel like at that point what I am doing will be working. HEE HEE!

    Just remember, to just jump right back on if you fall off! Don't worry about, don't get sad, just jump back on and go.

    YOU CAN DO THIS! I will not lie and say it is easy. There is no easy fix. There are helpers in this journy though. :)

    Your body will fight you the whole way. It wants to maintain the weight. It will scream out and beg for what it wants. Do something else, heck call me, workout, have DH hold you and keep you going. It is a family event let me tell you.

    HUGS and I am so proud and I can't wait to see those pounds coming off.

  3. I am posting up right now! Great job, Brenda! We can SO do this! :)

  4. Karly, is that you?

    You sound different than you did 2 days ago!!! :)

    Terry and MTT YEAH!! Join in!!!!

  5. I'm in but I am MUCH, MUCH bigger than you. I am seriously overweight so my journey seems never ending. I will however commit! I already have my menu starting on Monday. I am cutting down on carbs eating a total of about 45 per day. I cut out desserts period for 6 weeks! I have to be very strict with myself!
    I will not post measurments but will privately keeping and will tell you as I go down in clothes size! I AM IN! Please help keep me accountable, that is my big problem!

  6. I am SO in as soon as I get my surgery. After all those nasty problems are cleared up, maybe my six days a week in the gym and healthy eating will finally pay off!!! Good luck to everyone!

  7. So glad you wrote this. I was really wanting to go make a huge ice cream sundae--and it's almost midnight!

    I have a friend who is losing weight quickly, and she looks so good that I won't be left behind to stay frumpy. It's been the best motivator so far. Lol.

  8. Yeah Carrie!!! I am so encouraged by others who want to join in. Knowing I will be posting progress on my blog keeps me thinking too!

    I didn't post my measurements, but I am keeping them and will probably report inches lost. And clothes that don't fit anymore. Won't it be wonderful?

    I didn't realize how bad my habits were. Your goals will make a big impact. You guys are ambitious!!!

  9. This is a good idea, I've been trying to loose this last baby weight off and on, but have not been very motivated this time around. Seems all of the bad eating habits I "allowed" myself during the last 7 pregnancies have really become habits and are hard for me to quit. It will be nice to know that there are others out there to be encouraged by... it's even begun to help my thinking in the last few days (:

  10. I'm joining in too!! Hooray for accountability!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)