Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Am Very Serious About This Goal

The decluttering is still going on. I decided to continue in the bedroom so that I could have one room that had been thoroughly gone through. From the doorway, the room looked clean.

And then I opened things. Like drawers in the nightstands and places that were out of sight, out of mind.

Yeah. We have a few things to sort out before we can sleep here tonight.

See the hallway? Each of those bags is filled with clothes or old sheets or something. They have many different destinations. Some are going to the re-sell shop, some to the thrift store, some will be passed down as hand-me-downs. (Those black bags are 30 gallon trash bags, folks!) feels so good having room to breathe. Wonder what room I'll do next?


  1. Ahhh, I'm headed up to my attic in the next months. I want to clear out everything we don't use regularly. But I have to wait til the heat's over.

  2. Oh my yes. BUT, it's a narrow window cause I want to get done by Christmas!

  3. Wow! You go girl! Isn't it crazy that after you've already done so much, it seems like there's still so much to be done! But, what a great start you have!

  4. thanks so much for comin' by my blog!

    i got so hooked readin' through your posts - we decluttered when we moved awhile back (and still do it pretty frequently). it does feel so good - it's like you can breathe better!

    i've been wondering about spelling - i'll definitely be checkin' out your suggestion!

    and when did you become a stay-at-home mom? i'll have to go readin' some more!

    and to answer your "go-to-town clothes" question - i kept whatever we already had. i did go through them and move any stained/ruined clothes to the play clothes pile, removed all clothes that they'd outgrown, or i knew they never wore. and then just left the rest. even then, i know i could have reduced it further because they wear only their favorites, but i have hope that they'll expand their desires if i just keep suggesting them!

  5. Brenda, well done, friend! I am so proud of you! Did you clean up the pile on your bed in time?

    Hmmm... what can I go declutter? I am inspired!

  6. Oh my word! I so know how you feel when you get done with a room. It is the most wonderful thing! :) Enjoy the big sweep of your home!

  7. Karly, we did. Thanks to our friend the cardboard box. That now sits on the floor by my husband's side of the bed.

    He has to sort through that stuff. It's his.

    But it's still better!


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