Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Wonder I Can't Keep Up!!

I have never, in my married life, been very good at keeping up with laundry. My poor husband has opened his drawers many, many times over the years to find no clean underwear, socks, or t-shirts. Of course, in my former ways I would have responded with, "When you notice you are almost out of clean underwear--WASH SOME! I mean, you are an adult, aren't you?" Well, maybe I didn't say that out loud, but I was thinking it!

Thankfully, God has taught me the importance of being a helper to my husband. I have been trying very hard to have his clothes clean, ironed, and ready for him in the mornings. Even with the proper attitude and effort, I'm barely keeping up. I'm ironing the morning that we need something, or maybe the night before. I'm doing laundry like a mad person. But there is always more waiting.

It has occurred to me this week how much time I really spend on clothes. I am either picking them up, sorting them, washing them, drying them, folding them, stacking them, moving them from one place or another, hanging them or putting them away all the time. Why? Why can't I keep up?

Then I stumbled on a link about down-sizing. A family had moved into a home half the square footage of their old place. It got me to thinking--how much clothes do we really need? So I took inventory...

My 3 year old has:

23 pairs of pants
17 pairs of shorts
32 dresses
46 shirts
plus socks, panties, and pajamas.

GOOD GRIEF!!! Now to be fair, I didn't buy any of it. Her closet is completely outfitted by hand-me-downs. They are a blessing--and we have been abundantly blessed. I think it's time to bless someone else! Did I mention that all of those numbers above are for in-season clothing? That's right, there are winter clothes lurking around, too. Add three more members of the family, plus towels, etc. NO WONDER I CAN'T KEEP UP!!!

Some local families with 3 year old girls are about to get very lucky!

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