Thursday, December 29, 2011

You Can't Believe Everything You Read

So I posted on Facebook yesterday that I was about to take down my Christmas decorations, but I took a nap instead. My mom walked down to visit--thinking I was, of course, taking down Christmas decorations. Oops. I really INTENDED to take them down, but I got tired. What can I say?

Little Bit cooked dinner by herself last night (except I opened the cans with the can opener and put it in the oven). She was very proud and then I nearly threw up getting it out of the oven. S walked in the room just as I bolted for the bathroom. It was kind of out of the blue as food hasn't been bothering me for several weeks. So, I had Cheerios last night while the family ate Little Bit's masterpiece. These girls are going to be such a tremendous help--and already have been.

Today we left our decorations still up and went to the farmer's market. It's 20 or 30 minutes away and I know I have to do big things like that in the mornings when I have energy. We also ran several other errands. Here is our haul:

Mmm. Yummy, fresh food. Not organic, but probably tons better than what you find at the grocery store. Little local places can't afford to be certified organic. I'm not 100% sure where all this came from, but it all looks fresh and delicious and worth the drive. Sweetheart said, when we were checking out, "This looks mostly like vegetables..." I told her that was what was good for Daddy and us. She isn't a fan of the vegetables.

And I'm sorry to say that at least 3 of the vegetables in that picture will end up being fried--so don't be too impressed with my good healthy choices.

I sat down last night and started to plan for school and couldn't find one solitary idea for activities to go along with Little Bit's upcoming books. Planning fail. Guess I'll try again today. I really need to get the rest of the year planned so I don't have to take more breaks to get that done.

Monday S is off school.
Tuesday morning is a doctor's appointment so....very little school.
Wednesday is my birthday so...i don't WANT school.
Thursday seems kind of late to kick things off, huh?

 I'm seriously thinking about waiting another week but I'm already yearning for some routine. I think we'll just do some subjects and ease back in. How is your planning going? When do you start back?

And will you come take down my decorations for me?

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