Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December and I Refuse to Panic

I have no Christmas gifts. I know some people are finished or nearly finished with their gift buying.

I have feelings about those people.

But I have nothing. But then again, I never do this time of year. However, sometimes I have some gifts made already.

I'm not feeling the crafty this year.

I do have a lot of gift ideas pinned. We'll see if I can find my motivation soon.

We have decorations up around the house, but no Christmas tree yet. Honestly I'm a bit concerned about getting a real tree with the huge drought we've had. Will it ever make it until Christmas? I guess we just will avoid the fire hazard and not put lights on it. I hate putting lights on anyway.

I am, however, ready to start our "Names of Jesus chain" tonight. Here is the link. I found it through Carissa's site.  (More great ideas on that post!) I'll be honest. I never even heard of Advent until I started reading blogs.  It's not something I grew up doing. I really don't even know where it started. But I like this chain because you just look up the verse and learn the name of Jesus each evening. We are going to color these ornaments also to go along with it. Kind of wish I had a separate tree to put them on. Hmmm.....

Have you found your December motivation? Are you feeling crafty? Are you through with your shopping and willing to admit that to me even though you know how I feel about you? Where do you stand on Advent? Can you believe it's December?

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