Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Pinterest Christmas and Progress

I actually did several of the things I pinned this year! I also used my Pinterest board at Little Bit's birthday party so that means my time on Pinterest has not been a waste of time! 

We had these for breakfast Christmas eve morning (via Pinterest):

And I made these gifts from ideas found on Pinterest or pinned by me from other places:

The frames just contain scrapbook paper and made nice erasable boards for my sisters. The red and white ornaments were hand-stitched and we used them as gift tags on every one's gifts.

These canvases were covered in buttons in my sister-in-laws' last initials and hung from ribbon. The inexplicable piece of bacon ornament was to fulfill the "ugly ornament" we get for my oldest sister each year. This one was kinda cute, but very weird!!

Decided to make one for my parents too. And the cans with flowers in them are cans covered in craft sticks and painted. They were already wrapped at this point. The flowers are those flower pens you can make. Those were from the girls to their aunts and grandma.

So that was my Pinterest Christmas.

Yesterday I worked on the "office" area of our house. If you recall, it's a tiny area where we stack things pay bills. Here's what it's supposed to look like.  And oh look! The whole room used to be clean!  Right now, I'm boxing up all the 2011 paperwork (and OK--2010 too. Apparently I didn't do it last year.) I will feel very relieved when I get all this done today. I've already filled 2 bags with trash from the sewing room and laundry room and office area. TWO BAGS!

I also plan to take down Christmas decorations today. We'll see how that goes.

And look! We got a water cooler!

All the cool people hang out by the water cooler around here.

 All part of our plan to be healthier. We don't really drink anything but water, S drinks coffee some, and Little Bit likes juice. Sweetheart is all water, all the time. It came with a hot water spout, which I know from my sister's house is the perfect temperature for instant oatmeal or hot chocolate. But, really, we don't eat/drink that stuff all that often. So I was really doubting if the hot water spout had any merit and then I discovered this morning it was the perfect temperature for making Little Bit's magical drink! So, right there? Totally worth it.

Tomorrow I will be starting to think about school. But for today, I'll just focus on the house. That still sounds better to me.

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