Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today You May Call Me Betty Stewart....or Martha Crocker

It's baking day at the House Revised! Yesterday we worked really hard on school so we aren't worrying about it today. Just baking Christmas goodies.

Of course, first I have to clean the kitchen a bit. Sigh. That is not the fun part!

Most of the goodies will not be consumed by us, although we will be sampling them because how can you give treats away unless you are SURE they are yummy? Right? S has 4 women that work in his office and that is a new thing for him. He knows what to get for male co-workers. This year, he wasn't so sure what to do.

"I know what to get women," I told him. "I'll take care of it."

We'll be making these.
And this. 
And these. 

So...the theme would be....CHOCOLATE.

And, most challenging of all, some of these:

Hey I can't be amazing all the time, yo? Those are for our homeschool Christmas party and our Keepers at Home ceremony later this week. The girls will be earning their pins and Grandparents are invited so we are serving refreshments. Easy refreshments.

But ladies and gentlemen....she doesn't JUST cook!

Today is Sweetheart's last day of piano for 2010 so we are making this to give to her piano teacher. Oh, but we will be using scrapbook paper that has sheet music on it instead of old book pages. It will be pretty.

(Picture from A Cottage Industry--link above)
Her whole site is pretty amazing! She has great ideas!!

Also I'm hand-sewing some little things right now. I love hand-sewing. It gives you an excuse to sit down and rest.

So cooking and craftiness all in one day! (After I clean...sigh.)

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  1. Yes you are amazingly crafty & how 'bout making this blog where I can read it? Yellow on white is too hard!


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