Friday, December 30, 2011

One Kid is Boring!

Today Sweetheart is on a play date. A very rare thing indeed for one child to go without the rest of us! She's gone for 3 hours (because we don't do sleepovers, really so this was a compromise). Little Bit and I are home alone.

Good grief I'm so thankful to have more than one child!! Right now she's playing in her sister's room at my encouragement. Hey, I was the littlest in our family and I remember the freedom of playing with whatever I wanted to with my mom's permission while they were at school. It's a wonderful thing.

We've already done art together and colored. Having one child would really mean I had to pay a lot more attention to that child. Having siblings is wonderful because they can get attention from other people too. They really do play together a great deal of the day. I think kids from big families are really blessed.

Glad today is Friday and husband will be off again for another 3 day weekend. I really do like having him around. Also glad our living room is clean and simplified with all the Christmas decor put away. It always looks so good when December is over.

Now if the house cleaning fairy would just come take care of my kitchen. And finish putting away the groceries. Does anyone else just put away the fridge and freezer stuff and leave the rest for later. Hello? Hello?

Sigh. It's really quiet here.


  1. Does anyone else just put away the fridge and freezer stuff and leave the rest for later. Hello? Hello?

    Yes, Brenda. On occasion, I do that too. Though I often live to regret it. It's so much easier to do the grocery shopping when the big girls are at home to put them away, LOL.

  2. Why yes I do.....:0)

  3. I do sometimes but have on more than one occasion later found something that needed to be in the fridge or frozen! When we shop it's usually once a month and we have a family of 7 so it's a lot of food. By the time we get home I'm ready for the day to be done. We have a farm so there's still feeding and milking to do. I really don't like to shop!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)