Thursday, December 22, 2011

On This Rainy Morning

Every single day this week I have said it, "Today is the day we will FINISH the errands!"

So I guess you know I have 4 places to go today. Humph. (AFTER the rain stops.)

Dry cleaner so husband has clothes to wear to church Christmas morning.
Target for what nots that have nothing to do with Christmas--just daily life.
Hobby Lobby because I want to make one more thing for my parents. They deserve it.
And Walgreen's to pick up pills.

Speaking of pills--husband's diabetes is out of control. His doctor upped his pills yesterday and we'll see if that helps but it isn't a satisfying solution. We want him OFF the pills! But more than anything, we want that blood sugar under control. He hardly ate anything yesterday and this morning his blood sugar was over 200. That is ridiculous. Medicated even! So the research has begun to figure out how to improve and heal. The changes have already started too. Changes will happen in the girls' diets after Christmas as well. They share his genes, after all. Why tempt fate?

But all the presents (with the exception of that Hobby Lobby run) are bought and made. Wrapping will commence today. And the mama will feel better.

Gingerbread houses at our homeschool Christmas party...

She got a little bit of icing on her hands. 

We always exchange books. 

New book to read!!

We have been very busy this week and I know a lot of people like to avoid the busy during Christmas. It hasn't all been Christmas-related however. We have a friend in the hospital so we've been by to visit him a few evenings this week. We kept their baby so his wife could be at the hospital with him one morning. The girls loved having a little one to look after. She has 3 big sisters so she's used to be included in everything. My girls were painting these for gifts, so I gave her a toilet paper tube to paint.

Didn't get a picture of Sweetheart, but she worked hard too. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you enjoy your family and the love of our Savior this weekend!

Oh, and one more thing:


  1. Seriously? The ironing board is up again?

  2. Don't you have Christmas shopping to finish????

  3. awww, you look fabulous! =)

  4. You are SO adorable (and where has your blog been for me?!)


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