Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Running, Lack of School, and Ice Skating

Sometimes there just is no catchy title to pull it all together, you know?

We have been running errands this week every single day and I am SICK of it!! I hate going, going, going. But, the good news is...I found an outfit for the Christmas party!!! I know you are relieved. I went to our Keepers of the Home meeting yesterday and whined about how hard it is to find clothes and the other mom gave me a non-maternity shirt to try. It wasn't my size but it was pretty and I said I would try it on. It fit. And I like it. She's not getting it back. However, it's silky which equals cold in my mind so lucky I found a maternity cardigan to wear over it. So...the whole outfit cost us $16. Thank you Lord!!

Other than running to stores looking for maternity clothes, we've had a doctor's appointment, dry cleaning runs, we have piano today, and need to get gas and go buy hay for the rabbit as it will be freezing tonight.

It was 30 degrees when we woke up this morning and I would really like to just stay home.

And because of all the running, and my friend Kathy said it would make her feel better to hear how other people were not accomplishing a whole lot in school....we aren't. Yesterday I think each girl got 2 subjects done. Needless to say my ambitious plan I outlined, printed, and put on my clipboard is not working out. December is ALWAYS like this and it really is better to just take off this month rather than kill yourself trying, but I feel like I must keep going as we only have 5 months until school will be over for quite some time around here! ACK! At least we are staying home this morning to get things done.

Also, we went ice skating. This was a first for the girls. Our church had a Christmas party for the children  (which included a lesson) at a local ice rink. They really did very well. I was super impressed!

My girls are in pink. 

Ice skates only make Sweetheart look even taller. Ridiculous. 
So, in summary. I'm tired of going places, I have clothes to wear to the party, we need to get more school work done, and my kids can ice skate.

None of which have anything to do with your day. Enjoy!!

P.S. I feel like I should sound more thankful than this post does. 1. I am thankful to have a car to run errands with. 2. I am very thankful for the outfit to wear that did not cost much. 3. I am thankful to be homeschooling my children EVEN when we get behind. 4. Ice skating rinks are really cold.

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