Monday, December 12, 2011

My Ridiculous List Has Been Checked Twice

This week's to do list is completely insane. But it is made, and I shall joy in scratching things off as we get them done. Lots of running, lots of doing, lots of going. And somehow we have to fit the basics in for one last week of school.

Our "Names of Jesus" chain has been really fun, although we most often sit down and do 2 or 3 at a time rather than one every night. We are hanging the ornaments on a little bitty tree I found on sale at Big Lots.

The girls have heard and recognized several of the names of Christ in Christmas carols on the radio since we started this. Little Bit told me she had always heard one of the names in a song and wondered who it was. :) Now she knows!

There's our chain hanging up. That's how many days until Christmas!!!

I sat down Saturday morning and did  my first-ever online shopping marathon. It was glorious! I got everything off of Amazon and most things qualified for free shipping. The few items I had to pay for were more than made up for by NOT spending gas money and running all over town and going through the drive through for snacks during shopping, etc. I was only shopping for the girls, but I feel much relieved after I get theirs done. The rest of the family is not so hard. We don't spend a lot of money on gifts and will be making most of them this week.

I told S what I wanted for Christmas---our bedroom to be painted. It's the only room in our house that we have not painted since we moved in (5 years ago!). Since we will not have a nursery for the baby, but rather a corner of our room, I'd like our room painted nice and fresh before the baby comes. Of course I have a pinterest board that I shared with husband and he's on board and I am very happy about my Christmas gift!

See, I did paint that one wall green since we moved in. It's wallpapered and someone had already painted over it and I wasn't about to start peeling paint and wallpaper! Who knows what's behind all that? We have a special plan for that wall! And that's my side of the bed, there. Where you see the desk, that will be where the baby bed goes. Where you see my dresser, that will be where the dresser/changing table goes. That's it. Baby's whole nursery!

Yesterday, we went to our beloved beach. But this time we didn't swim, or surf, or even set foot on the sand. Instead we walked around the historic downtown district and ate ice cream and window shopped.

Mmm! Candy store. My 12 year old is very tall. And I was wearing heels. 
But it was nice to be back at the beach. But enough fun. Sent husband off to work, and I'm about to get started on this 3 page to do list.


  1. LOVE seeing pregnant Brenda! And LOVE your new profile picture! You are beautiful, my friend! :)

  2. oh my goodness. still trying to take in this big change for you guys. and getting school done? i'm having trouble with that one as of late. the christmas bug maybe? ;) looking forward to catching up!


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