Thursday, December 15, 2011

Actually, You Can Just Stick to Calling Me Brenda

So I had high hopes yesterday of baking and crafting goodness.


The Oreo bark was a dud. The cake balls are SO ugly! It looked so easy on the tutorial!! There is definitely a learning curve with those suckers and let's just say....I learned a lot yesterday.

So that just leaves me with the pretzel/kiss/M&M snacks which SURELY I can't mess up. Oh, and the already sliced cookies. I can do those I think.

On a good note, the gift for Sweetheart's piano teacher turned out nicely.

I am really ready to stay home for a few days but today is not the day. I need to go on a major shopping trip Friday morning and THEN, I should be able to hole up here for a while. Make my children breakfast again. Pack S a lunch. Know what's for supper before suppertime. Get some laundry done. Work on some presents. It'll be great. I'll feel like a homemaker instead of a taxi driver!

And who knows? I might even have something to talk about on here! (Wouldn't that be something?)

Ready to be home all day,


Bonus Feature:  (to redeem this boring post)

18 weeks. Please enjoy our messy bedroom. Is that an orange on my bed? 


  1. You are so cute!~ I am so excited for you.
    btw...what's up with the clean floor, trying to make us feel bad? ;^) just kidding *hee*
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Ha Sheri! I had to come look at the pic. I was like, "My floor is clean???" :) Actually, I just cleaned our room the other day. It was much worse before and the ironing board had been up for 3 months.

  3. great seeing you today. again, you look great! looking forward to being home next week here, too! although, i can't guarantee i'll have dinners ready to go. ;) love the orange. did you get that idea from pinterest? speaking of which... i'm off to pin some circuit training tips. muahahaha... ;D you guys have a great christmas!

  4. Check out the white fudge covered oreo's at the grocery store. On the back it has a hint to put halved strawberries on top of them and drizzle melted chocolate over that...they turn out really pretty and there's no real baking involved for you. I tried to make cakeballs was a disaster!


    I'm so proud of you!!! Look at you - having babies and homeschooling! :)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)