Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Call for GiveAway Winner!

Deborah...you won the drawing for Mrs. June's book. Please contact me by Wednesday evening! Ladies, if I don't hear from Deborah by Wednesday night, I'll draw another winner on Thursday morning. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Brenda:)
    Sorry about that. I sent you an email on Friday but I guess you didn't get it. Is your email the one on the profile?
    I am so thankful to have won:)
    If that doesn't work I guess I can just put my email address for you on the comments. Let me know what I should do:)
    Thanks again

  2. Awesome--I did not get your e-mail but i was out of town and out of range of cell phone service. Not a problem! I will get you in touch with Mrs. June.

  3. uh hello...I am ready for a new post.
    :) K

  4. Deborah...still haven't gotten an e-mail from you. It might have gone to spam and I forgot to check. Can you send me another one to the e-mail in my profile?

  5. I sent another one. Let me know if this doesn't work - I'll just put my email address here. Sorry about this.


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