Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Remember Me?

Hi. Been awhile, I know! We're just plugging along getting behind on schoolwork, never keeping up with the dirty dishes in the kitchen, and doing just enough laundry each day to get by.

And you?

It's beautiful outside, but actually being out there makes 3/4 of our family sneeze.

We spent too much money over the weekend and now must be very careful until pay day. (Saw Courageous! It was so good!!!)

I have no idea what I'm making for dinner tonight because for the first time in probably 4 or 5 months, I didn't make a menu plan this week.

I don't want to drive to piano lessons today.

I really need to get going on Christmas gifts.

Right now, I need a shower and to get dressed.

Surprise! We rearranged 3 rooms of our house over the weekend. I know you are shocked. TRY to act surprised.

Pet birds make a mess. I think I need a Dustbuster or something. Do they still sell those?

I need a maid. Just for one day.

We need to drag out the clothes tubs and have the girls try on fall/winter clothes. I'm sure Sweetheart will have at least 2 things that fit her from last year.

I can't find my glasses case.

There is no place to put a Christmas tree this year.

Someone needs to invent a machine that will wash your clothes and then automatically switch to a cycle called "DRY." All in the same machine. Why must it all depend on me moving them to the next machine? (And why is that so hard?)

That enough random for you? That's all I got today.


  1. Brenda, I am also bewildered regarding why we have to switch our clothes from a washer to a dryer. Every time I've had occasion to wash clothes in Europe, it all happens in one unit. Granted, it seemed to take forever to dry...but it is possible that was user error in interpreting French directions. At the very least, can't they invent a stacking washer and dryer pair where you can pull open a door on the bottom of the washer and the clothes fall into the dryer? Hm?

    I've also had issues making a meal plan this month, but that's due primarily to morning sickness making it hard to think about food. And to my husband being out of town a lot this month...somehow that destroys my motivation to plan meals. Which doesn't make sense, seeing as the rest of us need to eat too.

  2. I hear there is a machine that washes and dries...not sure where. Perhaps here in Europe?

  3. wow that is a whole lotta random-- I LURVE IT!

    I am with you on the washer/ dryer thing--- but remember you have two MOVERS! use them! :0)

    We are tight with the move and a camping trip next week and now a very quick trip to Missouri this weekend-- which wasnt on our radar..... but its all good.

    No meal plans here either, need to get on that right away-- but then again I'll be in Missouri and then camping so WHY bother, right!

    but I am off the EVERYTHING bandwagon-- zero motivation--- serious migrains headaches going on again and frustrated with how I I totally feel you girl!

  4. Ok I honestly had NO idea about these European machines! And I like the idea of the stackable/chute thing. That would work for me!

  5. Love this post! Just what I needed to read today. Oh, my, I'm dreaming of the no switch clothes washer/dryer. oh, I swoon. I've rearranged constantly since I've been here. Still not settled. Hopelessly behind on school work. Haven't made a meal plan in months. I miss meal planning. Desperately. Discovered we blow way too much money in the city when we don't plan ahead. Too convenient. I've missed chatting with you. Good to see you here!

  6. Missed you! Good to hear your random chatter again! :) And yes, there is an automatic dry machine. For some reason, I think I remember looking at one in Home Depot once? It was well over $1000, though. Of course. But maybe that was all a weird fantasy or something.

    You have fall/winter in TX?

    And, in case you need something else to post about... how do you balance upper grade homeschooling with housework? I feel like I have NO time to clean house anymore. No time for anything! Yes, the kids help, but there are certain things I still need to do, that just aren't getting done...

    That was a random question, but I figured it fit the theme! ;-)

  7. Erin: I have chores that never get done but I don't worry about it. I figure there will be a time my house will sparkle again, but right now my kids are growing up and that is more important. You just need to prioritize the chores and get those top priorities taken care of. For instance; my bathroom might get cleaned 1 time per month, but the bathrooms used by guests are cleaned weekly.

  8. this was truly thrilling.

  9. Our bird cages have "skirts" around the bottom half. Basically a fabric bag with elastic around the top. It cuts down a lot on the bird fluff flying around. When my folks were in Brazil they saw lots of parakeet cages on apt. balconies and they all had half covers to keep the stuff from falling on the balcony below (think highrise apts). Maybe its something to do with some of your 30 pillowcases :)

  10. Hmmm....I'm very visual. I'm going to have to see a picture of that!


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