Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up--Week 4

Man, I'm not sure there is anything to wrap up this week! We did school. We got behind. We caught up the next day. We're still plugging along, but it certainly wasn't the most exciting school week in recent memory.

However, we DID have some fun! Finally some homeschool group events are kicking in. We have missed our friends! We had our first "gym day" this week and a whole lot of families showed up. Gym day is pretty much every week and the moms just chat and work out the world's problems while the children play. We had a lot of new families and apparently, our children all had some aggression to work through because they ran around beating each other with swim noodles for about 30 minutes. It was awesome. I took blurry pictures from far away. You're welcome.

Little Bit, Sweetheart's friend who is also named Sweetheart, my Sweetheart, and their friend K. 

And also this week a friend invited us to another home school group's fun day. This homeschool group is just a little farther than ours but I really liked all the moms (and knew a few of them) so I'm thinking about doing some things with them this year as well. (Yes, I DO know how blessed I am to have so many homeschool groups around me! On the other hand, you might have clean air.) Anyway, we sat and melted in the shade while the kids played in some local fountains. Good and fun. I took blurry pictures from far away. You're welcome.

My kids are there somewhere.  It was all homeschoolers anyway because kids are back in school!!

And last night, S and I rearranged the living room. We moved stuff 15 different ways and most of it ended up right back where it started. Sigh. With our "new" furniture there is just a very limited amount of ways it can be moved. All we were doing is trying to find a way to be able to sit and watch a movie on the computer without having to look to the side. And also we have too much furniture and I may do something about that next week. And it may involve shrinking the toy room.

But that doesn't really have anything to do with school other than that today is school movie day and we will try out the new arrangement. We're watching this. 

Now we're off to finish up everything we didn't finish so far this week and watch our movie for lunch. Oh, and clean the house so we can enjoy the long weekend!! Hope you all have a great weekend too!


  1. Looks like fun. I'm having issues getting this year to run smoothly. My work schdule isn't ideal for sept., so it's messing things up. I changed it for oct. Hoping things will run smoother then!
    Tracy's corner
    Any idea why I wouldn't be able to post with google. It keeps ask for my e-mail and password but won't let me post. It's driving me crazy.

  2. hmmm... i wonder if that 'other' group is the same group a mutual friend keeps telling me to join?? i've been meaning to, anyway.

    thanks for the movie link. we'll be starting our new science soon. still thinking of finishing the last few chapters in anatomy. *sigh*

    have a fun weekend!

  3. was a little boring. We skipped around and learned a few things.

    That other group is GC I think?

    And we need to plan a field trip to an aquarium type place Or even the zoo when it gets cooler!

  4. If you join the GC group, we do have a field trip to the downtown aquarium in October, you know... just saying :)


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