Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

We ran down Friday after work to get acquainted with ol' Lee. We THOUGHT we might play in the sand, boogie board, or surf a bit and eat some hot dogs.

Well, there was no sand. The water was really high. And with all the wind, (sandy wind) there was no eating on the beach.  But we did have fun!

We really had to watch Little Bit! The wind kept blowing her away and the water kept taking her  away!

Sweetheart thought it was great!

Dad's turn...

Then they just wanted out of the sandy air and to get in the truck  and eat hot dogs!
I'm glad we went. It was fun and a very different beach experience than we usually have!


  1. I love those modest swimsuits. I have one and my oldest has one. Unfortunately, she left it in the States one time and I had to buy her a quick suit from a swimming store. Now she would much rather wear that with board shorts over it.

  2. Rachel, they are SHOT. They did not stand up to our kind of use. Very disappointed b/c they were so pretty at the beginning of the summer but now they are all stretched out and about to tear in places. I guess for a family who doesn't swim as much as us they would last.


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