Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Had An Adventure

But you'll have to wait to hear about it because the pictures are on husband's phone. It was a good weekend and this morning it was in the 60s when we woke up. HEAVENLY!

Now we are back to a normal week (in which I will not know what day it is all week because Monday will mess me up all week long) and need to get back in the swing of things. We have this week and next week and then a week off! Yay!

We add 2 more things to our schedule this week: physics and piano lessons. We are officially doing all parts of school now.

The Texas wildfires have been crazy this weekend and found out last night about several friends who almost had to evacuate and a friend's parents who did have to. We sat here last night and realized we are totally unprepared to evacuate quickly. With hurricanes, you have days to know that a hurricane is headed your way. With fires? Not so much. I realized last night I know where things are--but many things are not easily grab-able or in the same place. Need to fix that. Also thought through what we would take--one list for "just get out and take what you can" and a longer list for "you have a few hours but be ready."

All of this drought and these fires have made me really think about how we are NOT in control. We cannot make it rain when it's needed and we cannot make it stop when we are flooding. We can fight fires, but honestly if that fire wants to burn, it's going to burn. We are totally dependent on the Lord and I think we very much forget that in America.

In case you don't live around these parts, take a look at this fire map and then pray. (By the way, our family is in no danger---we were just thinking about it.)

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