Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up--Week 6

Huh. What happened to week 5? Oh well.

This week I followed our morning through pictures one day. Just thought I'd share.

Sweetheart kicked off the morning at 8:50am finishing her writing from the previous week. Labor Day really threw us off. 

Little Bit and I kick off the day with a reading lesson. Sweetheart is in her room working during this time. 

9:30am--Sweetheart reading in living room. 

9:40am Little Bit making a craft to go with My Father's Dragon. 

10:00am Sweetheart re-reading Bible because she couldn't tell me what she read about. :)

On to map work...

10:50am Play break for the 2nd grader. Who then picked up all the clothes behind her!

Sweetheart getting snacks for me and her before read-aloud time. 

11:30am Spelling lesson with Little Bit

11:45am Writing
12:00pm Zoology together. 

Then we broke for lunch and I didn't take any more pictures. That wasn't our whole school day but it was the morning. We are busy this year!

Other than normal school this week, we ran way too many errands, started way too late several days, made way too much of a mess in the house, and whined way too much about school.

I say it is time for a week off!!! (next week YAY!)

We also had dinner with some sweet friends, went to gym day with our homeschool group (Where the children again spent a large portion of their time beating one another with swim noodles. It's good to have a hobby.) and bought a new pencil sharpener.

I did not fully realize this before, but not having a quality pencil sharpener can take a homeschool down FAST! We searched and scrambled all week for pencils with leads. If someone broke their pencil lead it was a disaster of epic proportions, and when Little Bit found some spare pencils with SHARPENED LEADS there was great rejoicing.


The most important thing about week 6 is that it is almost over and it's time for our break!!!

Oh and that I found a solution about where to put the stupid All About Spelling board. Anyone else struggle with that? The kids hated sitting in the floor and I hated sitting or leaning over them. I'll show my solution later. It won't work for everyone!


  1. Sounds like a normal day. Have a great break!

  2. So glad I'm not the only one! After blowing through three pencil sharpeners, I threw every standard pencil in the house away (rampage style) and bought mechanical pencils and lead refills. No more pencil sharpeners! :)

  3. Seriously leaving me hanging with the AAS stuff!!!!!! Mines leaned beside the desk and we get it out!!! I guess at the new house I will have room on the wall though...

  4. Great job keeping them movin along mom:)

  5. welcome to the we-just-bought-a-quality-pencil-sharpener-and-it-revolutionized-our-school-day-club! you bought one, right?;)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)