Monday, September 19, 2011


I wouldn't mind a prayer or two if you think about it. I have been trying to get more sleep but you know how it goes....I'm a mom. I rarely have a night of uninterrupted sleep. And counting up all the hours you slept doesn't seem to work out if you have to subtract the hours you were awake in the middle, you know?

We've been running a lot on the weekends. I have a small infection my body is fighting. School has been going on for 6 weeks and it's tiring. Add other normal issues (Is that better, K?)  I suppose all of this could add up, huh?

I'm not thinking I have a major medical condition just yet. :) I am thinking I need to work hard this week to get lots of sleep, eat well, drink a lot of water (or tea....flavored water!), etc. Just take care of myself in general.

In good news, it's our first week off on our "Sabbath Schedule" (6 weeks of work, one week of rest). So I plan to sleep in, get some things done around the house, and make plans for the next 6 weeks. But I have all week to do it and I don't have to be in a rush. For this week at least, I DON'T have to worry about being "on time" and "getting getting started on time" and "hurry, hurry." That in itself is a rest!

Tomorrow I will have a review and an announcement about a giveaway! Looking forward to that AND my week of rest.....


  1. I'm sorry you are not feeling well, even if I didn't need quite ALL the details you shared! ;) I hope you enjoy your sabbath week! Sounds awesome. I would like to do that too, but we have some upcoming breaks planned so I've just got to hang in there a little longer!
    Oh, do you think the way you're feeling has anything to do with the cantaloupe???
    From You Know Who!

  2. I edited it. :) The diseased cantaloupe probably sent me over the edge!

  3. I'm sorry you're struggling with not feeling well. I like your Sabbath schedule idea! Enjoy your restful week.

  4. I hope this week is a restful and healing one for you! I've been praying for you. Maybe all the tiredness and sickies are... something good? (Hopeful thinking on my part for you!)

  5. I so totally know what you are talking about! I am exhausted as well. I calculated how long I slept the night before last and it came to 3 hours! Three hours! How do we even make it through the day! I average about 5 hours of sleep. It all catches up with you though. I find it takes a week, then I just crash in the middle of the day.

    Sorry to hear you aren't well. I hope you get the rest you need this week. Your Sabbath schedule sounds like a great idea. I know I could use a week. But, do we REALLY get rest on those days off? :-)


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