Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Place Where We Relax

Oh I love going to the beach with my family.

 S just instantly turns into a relaxed person at the beach. He smiles.

He doesn't have that "I'm rushed and thinking about many things" look he has on his face so much of the time during the week.

And me? About half way down there I can't wait to get my feet in the sand and the sun on my skin. I love the beach.

The girls love it too. They are right at home there.

Wanna see what they are looking at?
Can you see the sand crab? He was tiny!

This was their second time surfing.

They did great.

They make it look so easy.

I'm already dreading when it gets too cold to go. NO! We are just going to do what Masto Mama's family does and take hoodies and hats and blankets and still go!

'Cause it's where we belong!

And that little crab we caught? Totally counted as science.


  1. science at the beach? why not. ;) surf boards = completely impressive. i'm all about hoodies at the beach. going when it's not 110 degrees is my favorite.

  2. Weather, ocean science, physics, p.e. . . . all sorts of stuff!

  3. Whenever we go to the beach (when we visit my parents in CA) we always have to wear sweatshirts. Central Cali. beaches are not warm places to be, even in the summer! Oh, how I miss the ocean. Living in the Midwest has been hard on me for that reason!


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