Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So About That Adventure

You know, I've been feeling sort of sorry for us about the no rain thing. We have new cracks all over our house and the grass is dying and we are very weary of having no rain.


We went to my dad's hometown for the weekend. We bought the girls some clearance swimsuits to make it through the rest of the swimming weather (their old swimsuits are another story!) at Wally World in the next town over.

But Sweetheart's didn't fit. So Sunday after lunch we headed back to return it. We didn't make it very far down the road until we started seeing this:

And this...

They turned everyone around.

On the way back, in a completely different area, we saw this.

And this.

And then, back in town, we saw another wild fire.

I'm happy to report that no lives or even homes were lost. Just some out buildings. But that was a bit closer to the wildfires than I wanted to be! The wind was insane and that surely wasn't helping anything.

So Sunday evening we headed home. But less than half way home, we ran into this.

Oh dear. We never saw the fire, but apparently there was another fire that had both sides of the interstate shut down. Needless to say, what should have taken an hour or so took 4 hours.

And several passengers in our car needed "the facilities." But my husband always takes care of us. So he pulled over and found us some facilities in a dry creek bed under the traffic. And kindly took a picture of us climbing back up.

Us? Why...we were just sightseeing, that's all. 

Much better.

Later I smashed Little Bit's finger in the car and made it bleed.

And about 10pm we called it a night and checked into a hotel.

Where we all slept and came straight home the next morning with no problems.

I fretted a bit about spending the money on that hotel. S reminded me that's why he mows (for extra money). So, I think we are supposed to have a moment of silence every time he leaves to mow in thankfulness for his hard work and care for us. I have no problem with that.

Because the whole trip was wonderful and no one was upset and everyone was flexible and calm and rolled with the punches. What could have been a stressful time, was really just a fun weekend with a few unexpected  stops.

And a lot of smoke.

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  1. What a time! Crazy! I am glad to hear you are all safe. I have shut my daughter's finger in the sliding door on the van. Took her to Urgent Care and was grateful to the Lord for His protection. No injury beyond bruising. I am so cautious about it now. Always in the back of my mind...ugh!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)