Monday, May 16, 2011

You Get Cereal Today

That's what I'm telling my kids. And sorry blog readers....that's probably what you are going to get too. A Monday post. With bullets.

  • I just remembered the "bug man" is coming this afternoon. (pest control) That means things have to be picked up and somewhat orderly. Yikes. Wish I had remembered yesterday!
  • I need to pay bills.
  • I'm helping administer a standardized test this week for our homeschool group so we actually have to be up, dressed, and coherent at a decent hour some this week. Yikes.
  • That means we need to pick out all our clothes for the week today. Including finding shoes.
  • Little Bit fell asleep in just 30 minutes last night!! We had a friend over for dinner Saturday night and she mentioned Natural Calm. I had read about Kid's Calm in all my research lately so I was interested. Anyway, she brought some over last night and we had Little Bit drink it before bed. Boom! Asleep in 30 minutes. Thank you Lord!!
  • I hope to sell some curriculum this week. I need to get some money back for all the curriculum I need to buy for next year and all the money I gave to the eye doctor last week.
I hope you and your family enjoy that Caribbean vacation, Mr. Eye Doctor.
I'm just saying it would be nice to get some money coming in for all the stuff I have in that homeschool room. And clean out a bit!

And of course, there is school, laundry, the ever-lasting picking up, and even one errand. Monday.

But I'm thankful to be healthy, home with my children, taking care of my house, and the beautiful weather outside.

Also, Carrie mentioned she had started reading my blog from the beginning. 2007 when I wrote deep posts about everything on my mind and had zero comments. She said it was "funny." Still waiting for her to clarify that. Hmm.


  1. Oh the groaning when that announcement is made in the morning!! :0) I enjoyed this post, and am interested in the Natural Calm. My kids take FOREVER to fall asleep. How do you know when they need that, or when the environment is just too maybe I should try music playing in their room first? Thoughts?

  2. I'm here from, from a comment you made.
    I like your writing. You're real!!
    Hope you sold some of your curriculum!!
    Thanks for mentioning Natural Calm. I will check it out for my grand baby! She stays up till midnight sometimes! Yikes!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)