Friday, May 27, 2011

And to Think They Share a Room

For some reason tonight we got to talking about what style of decor we like. Me and the girls, that is. Oh I know what it was---we had been reading Fancy Nancy and Sweetheart remarked that she liked Nancy's room before she made it fancy. To her, the simple and plain room was beautiful. To Little Bit, it was boring.

I told Sweetheart I knew exactly what style she would like. She always says, "I just like things plain--I don't like them all pretty." I wanted to correct that. Pretty can look like a lot of things. So I showed her some pictures of shaker style furniture and Amish homes. Yep. Right up her alley. She loved them. A simple bedroom with a quilt on the bed. Her style all the way. I emphasized that it was very pretty--just not fancy. It's all in the adjectives.

Little Bit couldn't think of a word for what she likes but I knew---Victorian. She loves to check out dollhouse books from the library that show Victorian style dollhouses. She calls it "rich." She has been trying to make her dollhouse look "rich" for over a year now. The fancier the better! So I looked up pictures of Victorian style homes for her. Yep. Right up her alley. She loved them. Frilly and lacy and scroll-y. Her style all the way. I emphasized that it was very fancy. But "rich" is really not the right word. She wanted to know why not? Then I showed her some rapper's living room. He's rich, but his decor was not lovely. See Little Bit? Just because someone is rich doesn't mean they have their house looking like you like it. The word you want is "Victorian."

Good lesson, huh? Yeah, it went over really well.

About 15 minutes later Little Bit came into the kitchen with a very worried look on her face and said, "Mommy.....I don't want Sissy to be poor!"

I assured her "simple" did not = poor. She said, "Well it sure looks poor!"

What do you suppose they will grow up and describe their mother's style as? Mercy. I don't even want to think about it. But it involves having a plaid 12 year old couch.

Anyone got a word for that style?


  1. That's cute! How different their tastes are!

  2. A 12 year old plaid couch or equivalent as we have is "all our furniture is fully paid for". :p

  3. Or "I have toddlers." One of the two.

  4. Oh, 12 year old plaid couch? Easy! "Early single income fusion."

    (She writes, from her futon that was left in the house her parents bought a few years ago!)

  5. Yes...yes, these are good. ALL our furniture was given to us by family the first 4 years of our marriage and my sister dubbed it, "Early Marriage." I guess after 18 years that title is out, but I liked it!


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