Monday, May 30, 2011

There Is No Cure for My Sickness

Well, my brain is at it again. It has gone and thought of new ways to rearrange the house. If you are new here, I have a problem. I like to rearrange. I NEED to rearrange. I do it often.

This time it all starts with a perfectly good reason. But we'll get to that in a minute.

So we're sitting in the living room the other night and I said, "You know, there really isn't any reason to have that sewing machine cabinet in here anymore." (We used to have the desktop on it but now we only have a laptop.)

We don't need this in the living room but it was my grandmother's so it can't go.

And so S said, "Can we do without the TV cabinet too?"

Um, yes. I think we could. I mean, we haven't had TV service in a year and a half. We only use it for the Wii and videotapes. DVDs can be watched on the computer. Hmm.....

So that got us talking about our living room and our new couch (garage sale--$20!) And our need for more seating in here. We need more seating so we can have people over for Bible study and no one will have to sit on the fireplace, the floor, or in lawn chairs. (We've done all 3!) We need more seating so we can be hospitable and have company.

And then I remembered all the pictures I've seen online of homeschoolers who have converted old TV cabinets into school cabinets. That just works out great with my plan for the school room next year. The theme for next year is: OUT OF SIGHT! As in, I want more stuff out of sight. But we're totally going to have an "out of sight" (awesome) year too.

That led me to figuring out what to do with the girls' bookshelves, the TV, the DVD player, the Wii, the small shelf in my bedroom, the plastic drawers in the homeschool room closet, the doll houses, the cedar chest, etc. Yes, it really does involve ALL of that! We have a place figured out for everything... except the antique sewing machine cabinet, which started the whole thing.

Ironic, no?

By the way, all that get more seating in our living room....affects 5 rooms in our house. FIVE. I'm sick.

But at least I'm keeping the same homeschool room this year! Right? Right?


  1. Rearranging keeps your house cleaner, because when you move all that furniture, you always vacuum where it's been.

  2. It's true Mary....but it's going to get worse before it gets better!

  3. Lol! I was wondering if you were switching school rooms! :)

  4. AAG! NO! I was really very happy with our room this year. But there is just too much stuff in sight and it always looks messy no matter what.

    I think that's actually the excuse for the rest of the house too. :)

  5. Ok, wait, you live in Texas and have a fireplace? What for? :p LOL.

    And I guess I'm either too practical or just not sentimental, but why do you have to keep an antique cabinet that isn't working for you just because of who owned it before you? My in laws have a heap of stuff hoarded that they don't use but won't get rid of because it belonged to some relative, even though it's cluttering up their house.

  6. oh yes, you are so sick.

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I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)