Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Being Home

I love being home. Some of you understand this. Some people HATE being at home. I do like to go places, I'm not whateveraphobic. But there is nothing like waking up and realizing I have nowhere to be. Maybe I just went too much when I was working. Two year old Sweetheart used to wake up and ask, "Where we goin' Mama?" every day. It always floored her on a Saturday if I said, "No where." She didn't understand that crazy talk.

But she and I have definitely adjusted from our former life. The girls never want to go anywhere. They are the biggest homebodies ever.
Home is the best place to swim! So thankful for a pool this year!

So you might think my house would look better. I know. I'm confused about that one myself.

I'm gonna tell you something--I'm anti-co-op. You know homeschooling co-ops, right? Some folks swear by them. I have several friends who are involved in 2 different co-ops on 2 different days every week. They ask me to join all the time. I told them they are starting to sound like Amway people. I am not interested in your pyramid!!!

Cognitively, I understand that a co-op is a good thing. And if the girls even knew what a co-op was, they would be all over it. Well, Sweetheart would anyway. She would LOVE it. I know she would. But I would not. I don't want to teach. I don't want to send my children to someone else and then teach other people's children. I did that for 11 years. I know it's different. I know I'm there with them. But I don't want to. (whiniest voice ever)

I don't want my schedule dictated by someone else. I don't want to have to be somewhere on time. I don't want my kids bringing home germs. I don't want school. Even if it's only one day a week.

I feel so good confessing that. It's not a popular opinion. And you just go ahead if you enjoy your co-op. I'm not anti-YOU being in a co-op. Just me.

Sweetheart and her cousin Gnat enjoying some time in the front yard.
Home is where it's at. We get up when we want. (We get up at the same time BUT if needed, we can sleep later.) We eat when we are hungry. We take breaks. We get housework done. We go barefoot. We lay around and read. We take care of things for Daddy. We answer the phone. We help the neighbor with her dogs. We go on walks. We swim. We learn. We do school work. We watch Netflix. 

Ahhh. I love it.

We do go places, but with gas like it is, I try to limit that to a few times a week. Today is a stay home day.

The mama is very happy.

Carrie, this is Little Bit playing "Princess School" with her dolls. :)


  1. I understand what you're saying. I have a lot of mixed emotions about ours. I probably wouldn't do it, if I didn't get a little too isolated sometimes with dh's work schedule. And speaking of germs...I'm pretty sure that's where our current bout of stomach flu came from...since a mom in the nursery said that her baby had diarrhea. HELLO? DON'T BRING YOUR BABY WITH DIARRHEA!

  2. Just had to chime in a loud, "AMEN!"

    I taught in a co op for 3 years. Whatever. It was still peer-oriented and other-taught. For. get. it. :)

  3. you KNOW how I feel about co-ops! :0)

    I am a homebody now too--- I could stay home everyday! I guess I would want to leave and do some interesting things but mostly I just want to be HOME! I hate having to be somewhere at a certain time EVERY week! YUCK.

    Love the pic of Little Bit--- princess school HOW FUN!

  4. I feel the exact same way about co-ops. A popular one here is p.e. I would never do it because I don't want to teach p.e. Ever. :)

  5. Heck, I feel the exact same way about being home. And if the baby wasn't out of wipes, we would stay home today too. Like yesterday. I was in my pjs all day long. Until bible study last night. Then I changed into something more presentable. :)

  6. Oh, did you sneak into my head in the middle of the night and steal my thoughts?! I have just been pondering the exact same things - how much more peaceful our days are when we're at home, how much I don't care about getting involved in a co-op, etc. I completely agree! I'm a homebody and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

  7. My oldest will soon be sixteen and we have never done co-op and if I had it to do over I would'nt have done youth group either.
    Brenda was your pool easy to set up?We are thinking of getting one this year what kind is it?LucyT

  8. girl, i could have written this post. i'm not an amway... um, i mean co-op fan {for myself} either... for the same reasons. ;) oh, how i wish we had a pool. at least the public pool we use is less than a mile from our house.

  9. Well come on over and bob in ours!

  10. Lucy, it's an intex pool and they are easy to set up. There is a learning curve on the water and chemicals though.

  11. I'll just add another "Amen!" My thoughts exactly!

  12. OH YES!!!! I am not the only one! I found a "homeschool play group" to join instead. Picture it... Friday for 2 hours...a park....tons of kids...all ages...and the best part....we. go. if. we. WANT. to...and nobody kicks us out if we don't...(which is often!)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)