Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Was Looking for Another Way to Spend Our Money

I Spy a Problem
Last Sunday afternoon we went bowling with the girls. Sweetheart asked me who was winning and I pointed up at the TV screen. She sort of shrugged like, "and?" I told her to look in the right hand column of the screen and she could see who was winning.

But she couldn't see it. OK. Walk up there until you can see it.

She got half-way up there before she could see it. Aaaaaaannnnnddddd, so we are going to the eye doctor today.

I sort of felt badly because homeschooled kids don't get regular vision and hearing screening. Then I realized that she had screenings every year she was in school. Also, in 3rd grade I printed a chart off the computer, measured our kitchen floor, and screened her vision just like they do in school. And it was fine. So, this problem has come up in the last 2 years.

Oh well, we'll see what they say.

A Tic Update
We are adjusting to life with (daily) tics. Little Bit has been sleeping in the living room. Honestly she could sleep in the kitchen sink if it would help. Last night it only took her 45 minutes to go to sleep and she didn't have a melt-down of frustration. So, that's improvement. School has to be done in increments. And my eardrums might burst from the screaming. But other than that, things are OK.

I am trying very hard to stay home as much as possible this week so she will not feel the need to hold her tics in. I like staying home anyway so this works for me. But the eye doctor cannot wait. Thank goodness for Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Hannibal, Face, Murdoch, and B.A.
I think my sister feels sorry for us that we do not have TV. Every holiday she buys S a DVD of an old 80s show. Last month for his birthday he got season 1 of The A-Team. We've been watching it.

May I just say that the show is completely unbelievable? I mean, I watched it as a child so I loved it (and honestly it's still enjoyable) but wasn't the show actually made for adults to watch? People must have been very gullible in 1983.

Or maybe they were wooed by the explosions and stunts? Anyway, it's better than reality TV.

I haven't had a lot of sleep lately so I'm lost on how to tie this much random together. Sorry for the sudden end to this post. Summary paragraphs are being accepted in the comments section. Thank you.


  1. i used to get frustrated with our oldest b/c she wouldn't tell me what she wanted at panera... it took me a while to realize it was because she couldn't see the menu to read it! oh, the mommy guilt!! i'm a bit of a homebody, too. ;) and, yes, all of the old shows amaze me looking back. ha. :)

  2. I love random. It's like my life. :)

    Looking forward to hear how the eye doctor goes. :)

  3. i loved reading your random thoughts. :)
    and i don't know if i told you before, that when ry was taking 2 hours to fall asleep, i remembered that the king in the book of Esther had problems falling asleep. who knows? maybe he had tourettes! ha..i always say things like that to riley. he is convinced that paul's thorn in the flesh was his tics! anyways...the king had a book read to him, and it seemed to help. so ever since then, i have been reading a chapter of a boxcar children's book and it has helped soo much! just a thought :)
    still praying!

  4. We are poor and she got glasses. :)

  5. Rachelle, I've done massage, reading, playing on the iphone, rocking, etc. etc. But one thing is for sure...every night she DOES fall asleep. Oh I hate these tics.


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