Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I May Have to Be a Super DUPER Blogger!

That's because I may have to do 2 posts per day so those of you who do not care about my house rearrange can skip that post and read the other, more informative post.

Or, you can just leave snarky comments on my one post and I will ignore them. That sounds easier.

So it was day one of the great rearrange. Here is what we accomplished.

We pulled all the books off the girl's bookshelves. We dumped them into the living room floor and sorted them. We filled up 4 plastic grocery sacks to sell/give away. Ah...much better!


Then we pulled the empty bookshelves out from under their lofts and put their dollhouses there. That leaves room in the toy room. Well, after we clean the floor.

These will go in the homeschool room closet. After I, you know, clean it out.

Under Sweetheart's loft...

Little Bit's ginormous dollhouse. See? We should have a lot more room in the playroom now!

Then we put all our newly sorted books on our big black shelves in the homeschool room. Then we quit.

Phase one went quite nicely.

Also, we finished our science book today! I love it when subjects start dropping off one by one! I must say, when I was a new teacher I was in awe of teachers who spent the last day of school putting up next year's bulletin board paper before they left for the summer. I was sweating and running around trying to get everything turned in and here they were working on NEXT year's stuff???

But I think I have finally arrived because here I am...4 years of homeschooling under my belt (how is that possible?) and I have next year's curriculum plan all typed up AND my room rearrangement drawn on the white board and we aren't even finished with this year!

So let's not discuss the part where 50% of the people in this family had to tell me they couldn't find clean undergarments this weekend, ok? That hardly seems relevant to my homeschool victory.


  1. Oh, not relevant at all! :)

    Way to go on phase one! :)

    (And, I would leave a snarky comment, but I am tired and I can't think of one.) :)

  2. Way to go! Maybe "Laundry 101" can be one of next year's classes? :)

  3. you crack me up. we have to let some rooms/chores pile up while we tend to others, yes? ;)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)