Friday, October 15, 2010

Watch Out World!!!

I am up and dressed. I am wearing my athletic capri pants, a comfy shirt, and my tennis shoes.

I am armed with city garbage bags. We have the best ones anywhere because they are tall and stand up by themselves and are easy to drag from room to room filling up. We lived in another city for 7 years and I used to beg these bags off my parents because I NEED them to clean house with!

But today I'm not really cleaning. Today I am tossing.

I do better in small areas. I like to feel instant accomplishment. In the girls' bathroom there is a cabinet on the ceiling. Literally. Hang on...I'll go measure. OK--the handle to these cabinets is 7 1/2 feet off the floor.


So I'm starting there. Whatever is in there is going.

I am armed and ready. The house doesn't stand a chance.

I've been inspired by a lot of places lately, but yesterday I read Sheila's series at To Love, Honor and Vacuum.


  1. I am cheering you on....You can do it.. toss, toss, toss... It is SOOO liberating!

    so I suppose YOU dont want me to bring by the box of nature/ bird stuff today? :)

  2. Bring it on Carrie! I'll go through it and give away whatever we don't need. Besides, I can handle temporary stuff--we're only studying birds one year.

  3. Hey, Brenda! Glad I could inspire you! I love tossing. I find it extremely liberating. Stuff is your enemy. It collects dust. Dust makes you sneeze. And then you look really silly. So get rid of stuff, and stop looking silly! :)

  4. Purge, baby purge...

    '70s inspiration never hurt anyone. :0)

    (Although if that song has offensive lyrics, forgive me. I only know that one phrase from it!)

  5. What long are those lyrics from? I thought it was burn, baby, burn (disco inferno). :) Which would, admittedly, be a very quick decluttering method.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)