Friday, October 22, 2010

The Revisions Are Plentiful

We used to eat out a lot. When I worked, it was just a whole lot easier to eat out than to cook at home AND have to clean up the mess afterward. We only had a few hours at home all together and we didn't want to spend them cooking and cleaning with our back to baby Sweetheart. Plus, I still had work to do in the evenings most of the time.

Then I quit and we became poor so we ate at home. IF we ate out because of poor planning, last minute schedule changes, or was fast food. Because that was what we could afford. The groceries I bought? Whatever was cheapest.


You really don't want to go down the road of researching food although I know many of you have done it. It just disturbs you and then you either have to sweep what you know under the rug or act on it. There is just SO much to change it's overwhelming. Plastic containers are the devil? Milk products are contaminated? Everything has hormones and antibiotics in it? What do I do now???? ACK!!!

At the same time I am still determined to simplify our home. To declutter. To get rid of STUFF that weighs us down. That's a big goal in itself.

At the same time I am concerned about my children's spiritual development AND their schooling. I feel the need to do more--to teach them more--to be more purposeful and less accidental about training them. I feel the weight of responsibility in that area. That's a big goal in itself.

At the same time I WANT to work on things that bless our family. Like quilts for the girls, and costumes for our costume day, and other sewing and crafts. I want our home to be warm and inviting and welcoming. That's a big goal in itself.

At the same time, my husband is a very busy man with 2 jobs and major responsibilities at church. I am his helper. That's a big job in itself.

Put it all together and you have me.

Me and my very busy brain.


  1. I totally get you... we are just juggling balls but how do we keep them all in the air.... it is soo hard! obviously you know a lot of what I am struggling with and I have NO words of wisdom for you except keep plugging on..

    In the words of Dori..." JUST KEEP SWIMMING..."

  2. awesome:) At least you have been able to write down all those goals in detail, all separate from each other yet intertwined in different ways... way to go for seeing the bigger picture! Half the time I feel accidental...:) Keep moving forwards even when it feels like reverse:)

  3. I relate to this on a number of levels.

    You are not alone...

  4. I so can relate. I actually get so overwhelmed because I feel like I can never do or be enough. Then I have to pray and just lean on the Lord knowing that whatever I don't get done that he will take care of.

  5. I know you all understand. I think it's just the female brain. Four hundred things going on at one time....

  6. I am right there with you. I figured out one time what all my responsibilities are and it added up to like eleventeen part-time jobs. My brain is crazy town.

  7. I am up supper early this morning because I need to prepare for two business meetings, get the kids soccer gear ready, also get their costumes for our local Halloween parade ready, do laundry, clean the house, and prepare meals for today because we spent our eating out budget already. OH, and because with all this weighing down on me I couldn't sleep. After 2 hours of restfull sleep, and 2 hours of fitful sleep, I decided to just get a headstart on the day. And what am I doing? Reading blogs while I do all those things. I do some work, I read a blog. I love being a mom.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)