Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Only Cold Thing Around Here...

...are my icy stares as I survey the thermometer outside.

It's in the 90s again today.

I am REALLY ready for fall. Even fake fall, like we have here in Texas. I long to wear a jacket, wrap up in a blanket and read to the girls, drink hot chocolate, and most of all...

...stop sweating. That's what I'm really looking forward to.

I hear a cold front is headed our way this weekend, which is what "fall" consists of here where I live. Just in time for the girls to wear long sleeves with their poodle skirts.

Which, by the way, are beautiful!! I still have to sew the poodles on and put some ribbon to tie them on the sides (foregoing zippers--this is just a costume). But I really and truly sewed skirts--with waistbands!! Wonders never cease.

That's it really. I just wanted to tell you:

1. I sewed.

2. I'm hot.


  1. Oh, we have snow today!!! I used to live in a house with a kitchen just like yours! Vintage-ly pretty!

  2. You are a hoot. My step dad is in Texas. He is also craving to be back in Arkansas where it a lot cooler.

  3. Ha! I know how you feel, even though I am not in TX. It was in the 90's today here, too.

    When I took the girls out to ride their bikes, not only did I have to contend and comfort them in the shadow of the disgustingly creepy Halloween decorations on the neighbor's houses, but I had to deal with sweating on top of it.

  4. So thankful that no one on our block decorates for halloween. They used to be scared in our old neighborhood.

  5. Texas weather...its up and its down. I'm with you, bring on the FALL! : )

  6. Lets talk about scared.I pulled up in front of the McDonalds drive thru speaker to order dinner sunday night.No that isn't the scary part.When out of the corner of my eye I see two figures completly dressed in black standing beside the menu sign.I belted out a scream that could curdal blood.The poor girl taking orders is probably deaf,my 2 year old is scared of drive thrus now and all my 12 and 14 year old son's friends laugh at this story like it is the best joke they have ever heard.The figures in black where a couple of kids putting out signs but it was dark and its almost halloween and everywhere I look there are ghouls and skeletons and it is unnerving even for a 40 year old.LucyT

  7. I hear ya about the weather. I work in a school Cafeteria and you may have thought it was the beginning of June. It was soooo hot. I'm ready for the sweaters and long sleeves too. They say tomorrow it will cool off, we'll see.

  8. We'll be back to 90 by Friday ourselves. "Fall" in the desert is SUCH a SCAM!

  9. Yeah. When I got up at 5:30 this morning, it was 79 degrees and 98% humidity. Enjoying life in Florida, but that's just plain confusing when I look at the calendar and see it's almost November.

  10. I just drove home and sweated coming down our steep hill because it was covered with a sheet of ice! It's in the low 30s outside right now!

  11. Q?!

    What happened to your blog? I tried to link ot you and you were gone!!

    Sorry for the derailment of your thread, Brenda!


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