Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Checking In

Hello my lovely readers! Don't you look nice today?

Hmm. Trying to compliment you guys. Doesn't sound very authentic when I can't see you. By the way, the comments on my last post made me think about complimenting people more (Megan's + Carrie's comment = this thought in my brain). I think especially we moms who don't go out and about 'mongst the work folks need to compliment each other.

"Look at you! You put your shirt on right side out today!"

Think that's a good start?

And then the other mom can respond with "TA DAH!" and throw her hands up in the air. What do you think?

We have to start somewhere.

On other notes:

There is sorted laundry in my bathroom floor. It is not carrying itself to the washer. Nor has the laundry fairy come for a visit. I think you have to have a baby to get that kind of help. At least that's the last time anyone helped me with my laundry.

There is a laundry basket of clothing to be given away in my living room floor. It is dangerously close to becoming permanent and us decorating it for Christmas. I suppose I should sort that out and get rid of it.

There are 5, 221 pieces of crap lying around here and there around the house. ON THIS COMPUTER DESK ALONE there is a library card, a pin cushion, a notebook, a red ribbon, a purple crayon, a digital camera, a tape measure, a ruler, a package of Goldfish crackers, a pencil, and a receipt.

It's like an I Spy book over here. Can you find the computer???

What I really need is a Mary Poppins clean-up, a magic wand, or a really strong wind. Any of those ought to help.

If anyone stops by today I think I'll just have to pull out the old "someone broke in and we are just now getting it cleaned up" excuse.


Going to finish educating my children now....


  1. DID you NOT read nester today.. stop apologizing for your house... YES clean it, but you LIVE there... so accept that you are not EVER gonna be on the cover of Southern Hospitality or Country Living or whatever other magazine there is... BUT did you love your kids today, did you wash your hubbies clothes for work... are you gonna bless someone by giving them clothes... did you teach your kids a fun game of I spy!

    ta da!

  2. I didn't apologize, did I? Oh, the excuse. OK --no excuse. I'll just act natural. :)

    And no--I have not washed the clothes. But school went really well!!!

  3. "It's like an I Spy book over here. Can you find the computer???"

    I'm rolling on the floor....will finish reading the post in a little bit : ) LOL

  4. The laundry basket is sorted, sacked up and done!!! :) On to the computer desk....

  5. So, I pretty much do alright when it comes to laundry. I'll send the laundry fairy your way if you send me a kitchen fairy. Deal? :)

  6. You are hilarious.

  7. Karly!!!! Long time no see!!! :)

  8. Hey, lady! I've got a stack of clothes in the bedroom corner that have been waiting for a donations group to call, and every time they do, I don't make it to the phone in time! HA! We'll get it together before Jesus comes, huh? Maybe? Perhaps?

    Always a treat visiting.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)