Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Casually Feminine: The End

I'll start right off by telling you that I've written a lot about women's fashion on this blog. I've researched and read and thought and studied and prayed. And where I sometimes wish we would go back to being a country where women wear modest skirts and dresses....I dont' see that happening in the near future. Or the far future for that matter. I pretty much think that ship has sailed. Understanding how we got where we are was very eye-opening though, and I'm glad I studied it.

So even though we live in a society where women wear the pants just as much as men (but still do have the option of wearing dresses and skirts), that is no reason, in my opinion, to dress like a man. There must be something distinctly feminine in our culture about the pants we wear (if we choose to wear them).

Enter: the capri pant. My favorite. Distinctly feminine. Men do not wear capri pants. A cute top, cute sandals...and you have, in my opinion, a feminine look.
I'm a really big fan of the pants that either roll up or down. Perfect year round here in Texas.

And while these aren't exactly my style, I think print is a way to keep a distinctly feminine look.

I just flat out love capri pants.

BUT, there is one downside. There are times (zoo, parks, lots of walking) when you will need to wear tennis shoes with your capri pants and THAT is not the best look in the whole world. Although I have done it. (shame) Enter: the athletic capri pant.

I have some of these in navy blue with "athletic looking" white stripes down the side. Very deceiving. But they look pretty good with tennis shoes and that's what matters. And they are much better than sweats, in my opinion. And may I just say that my husband also likes capri pants on me, but much prefers khakis to denim. So, OK. I found some really cute ones at Target but I don't see them on the website now.

When I'm not wearing capri pants, I prefer two things. One, I have a great denim skirt that was a hand-me-down. I have no picture but it's knee length and wonderful. Then I prefer really long flow-y skirts. I love to buy them from the beach. They have good ones down there.

Here is my final thought. Casually femininity CAN be done. And it cannot be divorced from modesty. There are things, I have learned through this series, that should NOT be casual about us. Our clothing can be....but should still be feminine. Not just sloppy. Our speech and actions should NOT be casual. I will remember this series for a long time every time I buy clothes or get dressed. Thank you to all who participated!


  1. I love me some capris, too! :)

    And, I have the opportunity soon to wear capris but need to wear tennis shoes. Thanks for the tip on athletic capris... very good idea!

    Brenda, fabulous job on this series. I did learn a lot!! Thanks for hosting us!!

  2. Haha you might not like my post, but it's not meant to be an attack on anyone, it's just how I think.

    That said, Some of those pants are cute. The first two I liked a lot. If I wore pants I'd wear those.

  3. ooooohhhhh....I don't have any athletic capri pants. Cool! I want some of those! You're right...definitely helpful when you need to wear tennis shoes!

  4. I'm currently wearing roll up capris. With tennis shoes. (shame!)

  5. (Shame at my house all too often Suzanne.) :)

  6. Cute post! Unfortunatley for my eyesight, men actually do wear capris! I'm in SW FL and the European men bring them here during the winter. Ugh. Gross!!!! We call them manpris in these parts.

  7. Oh Michelle, let's just hope that trend doesn't come across the ocean!!! ACK!

  8. Sad to see the series end...we need to do a follow-up in about six months, eh? See if we've actually taken any of our advice. :0) Sorry I haven't posted yet- it's been busy around here. Great post!

  9. I love the idea of capris, but I always have a hard time finding any that I actually like on my body. In trying to rebuild my wardrobe (I was truly and utterly ruthless in my closet purge this spring), I have tried on at least a dozen pairs of capris in the past two weeks and wasn't happy with any of them. A lot of them fell just at the widest part of my calf, which makes my legs look larger than they really are. The others either had material that was too thin or just didn't fit right (of course, I still have a bit of postpartum tummy, so that might be part of the problem).

    On the bright side, I found quite a few skirts that I really like and have happily integrated them into my everyday wardrobe. I ended up getting a couple of them from CJ Banks, which is generally a bit "older" in style than I usually wear but I've found that it's a good place to get modest but cute skirts. Everywhere else I've looked around here gives me the impression that only mini skirts and mini dresses are available now. Not so great for running around after a toddler!

  10. I love the capri pants, and according to the Today show, they are in this season.


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