Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some Drivel Needs Dishing

I have a Facebook account. It is filled with (mostly) real life friends and family and church members. Most of you know my blog is sort of a secret to those real life friends and family and church members. A few know. I like it that they don't know because I can talk a little more freely about things. Because of that, I don't advertise my blog on Facebook.


I do get real life feedback from those friends and family and church members on my Facebook status lines. And they made me doubt myself like... really.

"Brenda, you must not do anything but clean the house." (Note: stop talking about what I'm cleaning on Facebook)

"You must have the cleanest house in the world!" (Note: REALLY stop talking about housework on Facebook)

***crickets chirping***

Realize I don't have anything else to say.

So WHAT is a girl to do??? Why, unload my drivel HERE on my blog!!! Where there is comment moderation!!!!

"Brenda, all you do is clean the house." DELETE!

"Brenda, who cares what you ate for lunch?" DELETE!

I'M KIDDING!!! (I don't moderate comments!) :)

So, in case you need to know:

*I had a salad for lunch.

And I am angry hungry now.

*I completely lost my patience with Sweetheart this morning. I feel really rotten about it but I had had it up to here (waving hand FAR above head). Yelling isn't productive. Must pray and think about a solution. And I have some questions for you all. Maybe tomorrow.

*We've pulled out the fall and winter clothes to take stock. They are everywhere and it isn't pretty.

*My dining room table is never clean. I paid bills on it Sunday. Or I'm sewing at it. Or someone is playing play dough on it. If it's clean and lovely, it means we aren't getting anything done.

*I have realized that people who always seem to have really clean, picked up houses don't really DO anything. No hobbies. No homeschooling. No sewing or crafts. That must be the secret of a clean house. Just watch TV and don't do anything. Hmm.

*Speaking of TV, I am really glad we don't have one. (TV service, I mean--we watch movies) I really am. I would have sworn on my grandmother's grave a few years ago that Sweetheart did not watch too much TV like OTHER children. But now that we don't have one, I realize just how much she did watch TV when she was younger and all I have to say is yikes.

I really hope that doesn't have anything to do with the patience problem I had this morning and the questions I need to ask you later. Because there is precious little I can do to correct her brain development in her preschool years.

*We took pictures of the girls doing their chores today for a new chore chart thing I'm doing and I'm in a few shots and all I have to say is I really wish I had Photoshop because I have NO ETHICAL DILEMMA with trimming mommy's waistline a bit and touching up that double chin.

*I peeled ONE potato last week and shoved the peel down the sink instead of throwing it away like S has told me to. I usually peel my potatoes into a Wal-Mart sack and toss 'em. But it was just one lousy potato so I gambled.

And I bet you've already guessed I lost.

S had to take the sink apart and get all the potato out and now it leaks and he has to rebuild the p trap. Who loves me?

See? Carbs really are bad.


  1. Okay, first off, that's hilarious!
    Second, I would be an expert in photoshop if it were pics of me. Sorry you lost your cool with Sweetheart this morning, but we have all lost our cool before so you are not alone. At least you are convicted about it, I know some moms who aren't convicted about it at all and they do it often.
    Gambling never pays off : ) and yes, carbs are bad!
    Wondering now if my house is considered clean or not : ) Ha - -

  2. LOL! I facebook under an alias - well, under a different alias. Here in virtual world I'm "Q", but on facebook it's something else. Some lovely (ha) brothers and sisters in Christ (ha) drove me underground. I'm with you - only certain circles get to know certain things about me and mine. My facebook can only be face to face people who REALLY know me, or virtual friends who don't jump to conclusions.

    I'd edit off 2 inches from each of my hips if I could.

    My house is usually pretty clean because everyone picks up after themselves. That being said, I'm off to lay on the couch and watch a movie. But that's because I have a cold and I'm really tired.

    And yeah - carbs are evil.

  3. LOL! Brenda, I love how real you are! I always look forward to your posts, even if they're about "drivel". It's nice to know I'm not the only one without something terribly exciting or thought provoking to say all the time. You make even drivel fun and entertaining!

  4. Brenda,this is why I read here you are real.I can be doing or thinking something and here you are doing the same thing.I remember the time you talked about scraping dried food out of your tub because you soaked the booster seat.I new right then I had found the perfect blogger for me to read.I mean really how many people has that happened to besides you and I?Well how many people would admit to it anyway?
    Besides that you are creative and I need all the help I can get in that area.LucyT

  5. Oh I have people make comments back in Feb when we seemed to be all sick a lot. You know when you are a family of 5 sickness starts with one and goes through all 5 before it goes away. Well I started getting comments like
    "your family is ALWAYS sick" or "do ya'll take vitamins ya'll are always sick."

    To keep from getting comments like that, anytime I get to the point that might be repeating myself a little to much. I start thanking God for the little things on my fb status. Example of it would be

    "is thankful for snuggling little boys, singing little girls and an 11 year old who cooked lunch."
    "is thankful the trash got taken to the road before the trash truck came down the road."

    little things like that, it is amazing how people will start doing the same on their fb status too.

  6. I had been wondering why you've been so quiet on FB recently! now I know! Well, I lost my patience recently as well, so it kinds makes me feel better that you did too! 2 wrongs=a right? :) I keep meaning to email you but just run outta energy!

  7. it must be in the air today, we had a bad day where momma lost her cool over here too! I relate far too well.

    On the clean house statement... I used to envy my SIL, she always has such a clean house. Then I had her daughter over, who marveled that my kids were allowed to play with playdough. Turns out the way she keeps the house clean is by not allowing anything remotely messy into the house. So now, I am not so jealous. I like the little droplets of paint in the corners, or the niblets of playdough that are on the floor. They say "A child had fun here". The permanent marker on the back of my recliner I could, however, do without.

  8. This was a funny post, Brenda. Really fun to read. People do think we clean house all day, don't they? I think what they don't get is that while you're cleaning one room another one's probably getting trashed, lol.

    @Jennifer, I have a sister whose home was always spotless too and I used to wonder, "How does she DO that?"

    Like you I realized that she does it by not letting it get messy in the first place. Not convenient with a house full of littles.

    I'm not a fan of playdough on the floor. But I can take a few leggos here or there as a sign that "a child had fun here."

  9. I liked this post too... I mean we are real on our blogs. If I am real on facebook like WHOO hoo emily just read "x".. who would care but maybe a few home schooling friends who might know I am struggling?

    On my blog I tell the real truth. I mean I dont pour out my soul daily but facebook is for funner things that everyone could relate too.

    I DID not yell at the kids YESTERDAY, but you KNOW I do! We all do, I think. Or at the least we dont deal with them as we should.

    I like your drivel both on facebook and your blog... keep it up I say- minus the cleaning updates. Leave that for the blog.

    But the potato thing I would have facebooked! :)

  10. Jennifer--EXACTLY. That's what I think too. It isn't dirty b/c they don't DO anything! :)
    Giovanna, your house is always clean. Surprisingly so for 3 little ones although you DO always know when I'm coming! ;)
    But you sew, and cook, etc. and so they sewing machine is sitting there or a stack of cookbooks, you know? I always have something I'm painting that is laying out drying or some other nonsense. People without hobbies don't have anything laying around. Nothing.

  11. I liked this post too, you always crack me up. However, and I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I just wanted to say I think it's unfair to say people with clean houses never DO anything but watch TV. My girls and I do LOTS of projects and stuff, we just clean up right away when we're done. Cleaning can't happen if you're watching TV, can it? Oh, and Playdough is NOT allowed on the carpet.

    I do have that Freaky Organized Brain that won't allow a mess to sit though. I realize that is not how everyone operates, but neither is everyone ok with being disorganized. Right? I think you know that I am not trying to be malicious here, just sharing another viewpoint.

    And I have lost my temper so many times since we've been home. We still feel unsettled, and are missing SA, and starting to travel, etc. It can make mommy a little more than grumpy...that is changing. TODAY.

  12. Yes JUlie, you are very crafty but I wasn't thinking of you as I've never been to your house. Had several people in mind when I said it though! :)

  13. Oh, I've done that before too. :0) I can't imagine never doing projects or anything with my kids! That would be absolutely NO FUN. Thanks for making me feel better though. :0) And if you lived closer you could SO come over and help us make a mess with a craft!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)