Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let the Wakefullness Begin

I can't ever sleep well right before back to school time. When I was a teacher, this was the time of year I was in my classroom for a few hours each day getting stuff ready. Only, when it was time to leave, nothing was done. I maybe had put bulletin board paper up, and possibly even border, but none of the bulletin boards were finished. I had pulled stuff out of everywhere and laid it all over the desks but couldn't put it away yet because I wasn't finished with it. There was a roll of laminated items to be cut out, and punched out die cut letters laying everywhere and copies that needed to be made and even though I worked every day.....it would remain unfinished for about 2 weeks.

And that made me not sleep well. And have nightmares. I shared about some of them a few years ago.

I'm in the middle of planning and thinking and dreaming about our upcoming year and so I have a kajillion things on my mind. I realized at 5:00 this morning, while lying in bed wide awake, that I have a conflict on Wednesdays. So first thing this morning I was up e-mailing someone about switching times or dates. And really, I haven't actually sat down and done ANYTHING about our new year. Not much at all. This has all been mental while I'm washing dishes or cleaning up from the break-in.

Today I'm off to Half-Price books to see if I can get some cash. I already have a healthy stack of books to sell but I'm going to have the girls go through their bookshelves too. I feel sure we can get rid of some more. Oh and last night at Target, I found chapter books for $1!!!! The titles Sweetheart picked out were "The Wizard of Oz", "The Story of Doctor Dolittle", and "A Little Princess." They are "Junior Classics for Young Readers" so I assume they are condensed in some way. I don't know if your Target Dollar Spot has them but goodness sake what a great deal.

When we get back from our book selling (I can't imagine how much money we'll make. $2? $5? I really have no idea.) I have to actually walk into the school room and DO something. Instead of clicking all the links on the Not Back to School Bloghop although I did get some great ideas yesterday. It is time for action.

And perhaps action today will help me sleep tonight?


  1. Oh, I can so relate! I would always burn the candle at both ends when I was a teacher, as my dad would say. Now, I sometimes still do that just because I can think more clearly when everyone else is asleep. All that noise during the day doesn't help my productivity! :)

    Good luck today, Brenda! Praying for sleep for you tonight! :)

  2. YOU CAN DO IT! I know you can! and I hope you will get more than 2-5 at half price and do I need any of the books you are selling. I am looking for pretty anything colonial times!

  3. Carrie--I would NEVER sell books about that b/c we haven't studied that yet! :) These were a bunch of preschool books. Amazingly, I got $13. JUST enough for the movie on Friday. :) God is good.


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