Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After This We Can Talk About Our Bursitis

I am so over heat. Summer is over for us anyway. We started school, the local pools are closed. What else is there?

So fall needs to get here. Autumn. My favorite season. (Spring is in 2nd place) I think August is a bit too early to start decorating for fall, but my Mom bought me some things at the dollar store this weekend. I cannot justify spending money on unnecessary stuff right now, even if it IS from the dollar store. So I was very grateful.

Won't those look lovely on my entryway cabinet minus all the other mess that's there right now?

Strangely, it doesn't look like this right now. Hmmm. My house hasn't been cleaning itself very well. Perhaps I should get back on track.

On a good note, and off the subject of weather, I started on the girls' rag quilts this weekend. I got a lot of flannel cut out, but oh my word there is more. Much more. The cutting is NOT the fun part, by the way. However, I would like them to get to use the quilts on their bed when the weather does get cold.

There's the weather again. How's your bursitis doing?

I found out this week that I am important. And that my role as my husband's helper is very important. We all went out of town Saturday for Sweetheart's birthday. S came home Sunday afternoon since he leads a Bible study on Sunday evenings and also had to be at work on Monday. I stayed up there with my parents and the girls and came home today (Tuesday).

Sunday evening he couldn't get the lesson to print that he had worked so hard on. He called me, but I was not very much help 3 hours away. Monday he forgot some things in his lunch, forgot to take his glasses to work and then I got home today and saw he didn't eat any of the food I had left for him. Also, he slept on a pitiful sliver of bed because there was clean laundry stacked all over the bed when we left.

Yes, I KNOW he could have put it up. I KNOW lots of men make their own lunches and meals. I KNOW he is an adult and perfectly capable of taking care of things.

But I'm important.

I'm important because I take care of things that he doesn't even have to worry about or give a thought to. I am important because I think about his meals and food long before he gets hungry (most times). I'm important because I am here when he needs me--for whatever reason whether it be to print something or to put away the laundry or to just talk to.

I realized this week that my role as his helper is even more important than homeschooling our girls. It's a fundamental part of our family. It's something we are based on. Long after the girls are done with school, and no longer need my help with the basics of life...I will be his helper. (God willing)

It's good to feel needed.

And no I'm not going to turn into one of these women who starts doting on her poor husband because the children don't need her anymore---treating him like a mere child and shushing him.

But I will be here to help him. Whatever the weather.


  1. Beautiful post and it is so nice to be needed, isn't it?

  2. Excellent post, Brenda! And, yes, the autumn accessories will look lovely!! Though I still can't believe it's practically September (even if I'm desperately counting down the days until our paycheck on 9/3...haha).

  3. The Dollar General has such fun fall decorating things, for pretty good prices! It makes it fun. Nice post! :)

  4. Oh Megan. ME TOO!!!

    And yes Denise, they were from Dollar General and they were all beautiful!!!

  5. I saw the Singer oil on the table, are you still having problems with your sewing machine?

  6. Brenda,

    You have a way with words! So many wives don't appreciate being needed, though. But just like you, I do.

    Oh, and I've had enough of the heat, too. But enough about the weather...

  7. No G---it's just sitting there to be returned to my mom. THREE DOORS DOWN. How will I ever get it to her?? :)

  8. I just read this to Matt (a "hey, we're alike" reading) and Matt said, "I bet her husband wants some salsa." Hahahaha! I shall be going to get us some salsa now! With a smile on my face!

  9. Ha! Nicely played matt parker! :)


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