Thursday, August 12, 2010


Do you know nunya? My college roommate used to say that one.

"Who are you talking about?"

"Who is Nunya?"

"Nunya business."

Remind me one day to share all the little sayings I learned from her family. They were great.

So I haven't been blogging much this week because all that's been going on is 1.the start of school and really, how much can you read about that before deciding you need to go scrub your baseboards? and 2. financial stuff. Which, even though I love you all, is decidedly NOT the blogging world's business. It's nunya, you know? Just can't blog about money.

But I can blog about being frugal. And husband and I have decided as we climb and dig our way out of our hole that we are in right now, that frugal is how we always want to be. It would have been really great if we had decided that 17 years ago, but at least we are here now. Just one of our many revisions the Lord has made on us. August is a really hard month with the start of school, summer electric bills, and Sweetheart's birthday. My plans for her birthday are not going to happen and that hurts my heart a little. But here's what I know: God loves that child more than even I do and He delights in her. I trust Him that her birthday will be special no matter what.

As for school--this week has been great. Little Bit is a bonafied 1st grader. She's hanging with us through all the subjects and working hard. Reading is SO much easier for her than it was even in May. Next week we add more subjects. I've really enjoyed it so far. Five more weeks to go until our break! I think I'm going to like this "sabbath schedule."

We're studying Zoology 1 this year which covers flying creatures on the 5th day of creation. We are blessed to have some friends from our homeschool group doing the same book this year. Her girls are each a year or so younger than mine and they all get along well. She also has a little turkey boy who tags along. I think he's 2. One of the first activities calls for us to go on a scavenger nature hunt. So, I'm making these for us to use. I think I'll put the kids' initials on them so they can each have their own bag.

Other than that, we are so lacking in the grocery area that I actually will be going to the store in the morning and taking S his lunch afterwards. Diabetes + finances = making lunch every day and I'm simply not prepared tonight. I've managed to feed him every day and his doctor said his numbers look great but it's still hard and I'm so out of ideas and tired of trying new things. I just wanna make spaghetti, OK? It's a meal that requires no thought. And a lot of recipe blogs I had on my google reader just need to be deleted because they are no good to me now.

They have become nunya.

One easy decision this week? I will be continuing to shop at HEB (a Texas grocery store chain) instead of my closest Wal-Mart. Giovanna secured that one in my mind FOR SURE.


  1. I can understand your frustration with the diabetic meals. Not only is more than half of my family diabetic (and the same with my husband's family) but I worked for a paralyzed man who was diabetic while I was in high school.
    Have you found any good easy diabetic recipe books?
    Have you thought of picking a day and cooking meals ahead so you have something quick that is okay for him too? Just ideas. = )
    Tip for HEB shopping ( I love HEB by the way). Their can foods are way more expensive etc. You may want to try to get them at walmart. At least those are sealed = )
    Have a blessed weeekend!

  2. I hear ya there, it has been tedious finding good new recipes, but I am determined. Today all I am doing from morning to night is cooking so that I can try more new recipes out.
    Glad to hear that S's numbers are doing well : )

  3. I can't have actual spaghetti, because it has wheat, so we use spaghetti squash. Now for the disclaimer, it really does seem like spaghetti when you eat it, but its al dente for sure. Sometimes it is well priced, and sometimes not. I haven't figured out which "season" it is.

    I have also made a "pizza" (I am using that term way loosely) where I put zuchini on the bottom of a pyrex, add spaghetti sauce, and cover it with cheese (except on my part, I am also allergic to all things dairy, and air... allergic to air too). Then bake it.

  4. Well, I don't know if I'll stop shopping at Walmart (because I have price-matching down pat), but, you can be sure I'm going to be extra careful with my sour cream and all things sealed.

    SERIOUSLY!?! I can't believe that lady did that!

    Blessings to you as you seek out more recipes for your family so that you can be "lazy" once in awhile and still provide healthy meals for S!

  5. Alright, I know this wasn't your main topic in this post, but I had to come back and tell y'all this. I was at Walmart today, and as I approached the dairy department, I saw a lady with a container of sour cream in her hand. She was working to open it up and all I could think was, "NO, she's NOT doing it!" She got it open and checked the seal, saw that it was secure, and then put the lid back on. Whew! She must have read Giovanna's post! :)

  6. Karly, NO WAY!! What are the chances? I would have laughed out loud. :)

    Melodie, really? I have found HEB to be cheaper. Maybe it's b/c nothing else jumps in my cart? ;)

  7. I LOVE HEB!!!

    on your posts i hear the frustration on what can I cook. How many meals HAVE you found for the rotation?

  8. Nothing profoud to comment, just wanted to let you know I enjoy your posts.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)