Friday, August 20, 2010

The Dollhouse Project

Sweetheart was in karate last year. She wants to continue that but all I can say is, "we'll see." The budget may have another opinion on the matter. Right now she's taking piano lessons, which S and I both wanted our girls to get to do.

But Little Bit is another matter. She's not interested in anything that requires physical contact (like karate--no thank you--she tried) or anything that requires her to get up in front of people (dance, etc.)

What she IS interested in is getting attention. And her dollhouse. This was her dollhouse as given to us last year.

Wonderful! Free! And boring.

It had some accessories with it.

But it needed more!

Since that time we have wallpapered the bathroom, the kitchen, and put "linoleum" down in the kitchen floor. She's received several more rooms of stuff for birthdays and Christmas.

What she wants is to make it look "rich." So we have outlined all the projects we need to do while Sissy is at piano lessons this year.

We started with the car. This was the boring car. Poor dollhouse family in their not rich car.
You'll see next week what we're doing to make it "rich."


  1. I was never a "doll" type girl growing up, but I did always love my doll house!

    You are like the project queen! you make my head spin with all of the neat things you're always coming up with. Awesome fun!

  2. I loved my doll house.My grandfather owned a wall paper and carpet store so I had an endless supply of both to redo rooms with.I came home everyday from school and worked on my house.If only I could afford to do that now.I am trying to teach my girls that even if their not rich they can find ways to make their homes look well decorated and lovely.OH,but I do long for a fresh coat of paint and new flooring thru out my home.



I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)