Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Gift of Music

I am so excited. Sweetheart started piano lessons yesterday. A mom from our homeschool group announced she was going to start teaching them again (for a stellar price) and I couldn't refuse. Turns out...her house is a whopping 30 second drive from our house. Blessings everywhere!

So, Sweetheart came home yesterday from her first 30 minute lesson and could already play 2 songs. OK, they are very short and easy. She was SO excited!! Actually, I was too. She called Grandma and Grandpa to come down and hear her play and also played for S when he got home. She was hopping and jumping for 30 minutes after her lesson.

So today she did the work in her music theory book that she was supposed to do. Part of her assignment was to compose a little song using the black keys. She did:

I should tell you that I have NO idea if what she wrote down is even half-way correct. All I know is, she could play it and it sounded the same each time. She even wrote little words to it. My knowledge of sheet music is this: when the notes go up, you sing higher. When the notes go down, you sing lower.

Actually, if hard pressed, I could remember more than that....but not much. I've never had any kind of music lesson beyond what you learn in elementary school.

At my elementary we learned to sing "My gal's a corker, she's a New Yorker, I'll buy her anything to keep her in style. She's got a pair of hips just like 2 battleships, hot dog that's where my money goes."

I can sing all the verses if you like.

By the way, thank you Mr. McCallen. Music was fun if not educational.

So Little Bit, who is not taking piano lessons this year, was not to be left out or undone. Ever. Not that girl.

This afternoon she announced she had written her own song. She played something for me. She told me it was called "The Mouse Chase." Here is what I saw at the piano.

Oh I love that kid.

But don't worry about Little Bit. We couldn't think of any extra curricular activities she was interested in, so she and I have a plan. I'll share more with you tomorrow.


  1. Crackin' me up! I do SO want to hear all the verses!

  2. Oh, great! Now I'm going to be singing "my gal's a corker all day".


  3. Brenda both your girls are so creative.I wonder where they get it?
    I remeber learning ABBA songs in 5th grade music class.


  4. Oh LucyT, our elementary choir sang Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys! :)

  5. That is aweome.

    Our music teacher was Mrs. Woodamyer. ( I dont know how you spelled it but that is how it sounded.) She was so freaky and when she would try to get you to sing higher she would lift a piece of hair on the top of your head and yank... good times.


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