Wednesday, June 24, 2009


After 5 days of running, we are finally home today. We've had so much fun on Friday through Tuesday, but it's really nice to have nowhere to be today. I found myself happily cleaning the bathroom so you know I am glad to be home.

When I reminded the girls they had to do 2 workboxes before lunchtime, Little Bit said, "YEAH! Workboxes!!!" So you know she's glad to be home too. She told me yesterday she was ready for Kindergarten and wished it was starting "tomorrow." What a change from even a month ago when the thought of starting school still brought tears to her eyes! She's learned to swim in the last 2 weeks---all on her own with no one even suggesting it or showing her how. (There she is recently playing dress up)
One of her workboxes today included the letter projects from Totally Tots. (Today we painted ants on the A's) I know she's 5 1/2, but remember that I am leaning towards a "retro kindergarten", so letter activities are perfect for us. She knows her letters and the sounds, but this is great reinforcement and paired with the Kindergarten Handwriting Without Tears--it's exactly what we need for this summer.

They have watched a fair amount of TV today too, but that's OK because we have been SO busy, they need some summer down time. And this day just seems really long. I guess because I haven't had this much uninterrupted time in a while. So I guess I really need to get busy.

And may I just say that not having a digital camera is really cramping my bloggy style? I have had so many things I would like to show you guys and no way to do it. Ug. Not to mention the fact that I have missed many cute things the girls have done in the last few weeks. Must. Get. A. Camera. Soon.

Oh, and the only thing that has happened on the great (as of yet non-existent) girls' room makeover, is we changed out the purpose of those underbed storage boxes. When they had their own rooms, each girl had a rolling Rubbermaid or Sterilite or something plastic underbed storage box. Very nice. We stored videos and DVDs in them. I found another place for those movies and gave some away! Now, their boxes are used to store art work and papers they want to keep, which are plentiful and also blankets. Both girls sleep with a variety of blankets and lovies, etc. and even when their beds are made, they don't look neat because of the pile of sleeping stuff on top of the bed. I told them they could throw their current pair of PJ's in there too. I like this solution.
Hope your day is productive too!


  1. Sounds like a great day! And good for Little Bit to want to do school! (Send her over-- maybe she can motivate all of us over here!)

  2. I just wanted to let you know I read here often and think you have the best ideas.I love your theme weeks.

  3. Thank you Lucy! I wish I could post more about our theme weeks right now but with the lack of wouldn't be that exciting. :) This week is butterflies. I'll have something to share soon surely!

  4. Love those under the bed boxes! They're so useful. And love it when you can re=purpose them. Good job!

  5. *re-purpose* You know what I meant. :0)


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